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FAce Double editions

"He had a moment of shattering, blinding terror. . . Where was he? Why was he here? Had somebody brought him here, dumped him off at this spot for a reason?" Suddenly Dr. Jim Parsons realized that he had not been dumped on a new world-but into a new time. In seconds he had traversed centuries. . . but why? How could he escape the time he was in? How could he avoid the terrible role that the Wolves of the future had chosen him to execute? There was no way out, for even death was humbled before the inexorable web of destiny.

1979 Magnum edition

He-had a moment of shattering terror. One minute he'd been driving along the familiar road to his city office, next he was hurled centuries into the future. In seconds he had traversed centuries. But why had the tribesmen of the Wolf chosen him for such a grimly dangerous task? Could he -alone in a future world- tamper with the threads of destiny? Above all, was there a chance lhat he could escape the frightening future and rmd his way back to his own time.