Bibliographies can also be found in :

Only Apparently real by Paul Williams

Philip K. Dick : Contemporary Critical Interpretations by Sam Umland

Counterfeit Worlds, Philip K. Dick on Film by Brian Todd

A Secondary Bibliography 1960-1983 by Weight
This bibliography is the most extensive available and covers all work published in english by or about PKD, until 1995 (in the 4th edition).

It was used as a valuable reference when building this website.

Meckler 1988
Part2 - Galactic Central 1995 (4th Edition)
Philip Kindred Dick Metaphysical Conjurer by Phil Stephensen-Payne and Gordon Benson Jr.
Levack's bibliography
Part 1- Galactic Central 1995 (4th edition)
Underwood-Miller 1982 limited ed
Underwood-Miller 1982 tpb
Underwood-Miller 1982
About PKD
A catalog of Philip K. Dick's books indicating their price on the market as well as the increase in price over the past few years.

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