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From The Berkley 1980 backcover


Be warned: the strange and holocaustal fiction oF Philip K. Dick is known to corrode the spirit, unsettle the mind and terminate the fond illusions of humankind. The fifteen stories here collected for the First time are neither wondrous nor nice. Their publication is to be considered an act of war against the way things are in the Universe.

"Philip K. Dick may well be the next SF writer to follow Bradbury and Vonnegut in being 'discovered' by the mass audience'" -TERRY CARR, editor of THE BEST SCIENCE FICI10N OF THE YEAR

From the inside flap of the 1980 BCE edition

Ready for n out of the ordinary experience? The Golden Man will fill the bill-fifteen short stories by one of the most respected names in science fiction....startling, provocative, fantastic stories like:

Meddler. The time researchers who had been photographing the future ran into an unexpected development: the future kept changing. The Utopia they'd first discovered became a world torn by warfare...that future inhabited by frightened, angry people, became a future in which people did not exist at alll. The researchers were worried. They couldn't allow the human race to simply disappear - but how could they avert the disaster without knowing what had caused it? So they sent a man forward in time to find out, and sure enough, he solved the mystery...

AND The Golden Man. In the aftermath of an atomic war, the powers that be have managed to exterminate most of the radiation-spawned mutants. But there is one particular they cannot kill - a great golden-skinned man who has the power to see into the future; a man who is sexually irresistible to women, and more than capable of fathering a race of golden-skinned, mutant children...