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Back Cover and Book of the 1970 BCE Edition

"The most consistantly brilliant sf writer in the world is Philip K. Dick author of more good short stories than I can count. He presents subsidiary characters so that they leap alive off thepage: he creates obsessive, almost paranoid terror when the action calls for it; he ties his plot-lines into knots by time-travel devices and then meticulously untangle every last thread again. If you want to witness a master of the sf ringing changes the rest of us have never dreamed of, read Philip K. Dick."


" The best of Philip K. Dick's novelettes and short stories show the same fertile speculative monds that distinguishes his novels, plus an exuberant, almsot extravagant love of wild melodramatic action. You'll find reflections of our own society in these pictures of the future, plus one of Dick's most characteristc qualitites: the chilling symbolism of absolute nightmare.


"If there is such a thing as"Black Science-Fiction", Philip K. Dick is its Pirandello, its Beckett and its Pinter. No other creative intellect qualifies".


Back Cover and Book of the 1977 Pan Edition

"Philip K. Dick writes cool, intelligent and entertaining stories. His situations ate wholly real, and - in a delightfully roundabout way - acutely relevant. The whole book provides brilliant evidence of SF's apporaching maturity." Books and Bookmen

"Fourteen of the best from this consistently enytertaining writer whose imagination is like those batteruies that keep going long after the others have stopped" Eveniing Standard

"Includes some of the best things I have read from this various and unvaryingly able writer...the short title story, for instance, is almost worth the price in itself" The Daily Telegraph

"Philip K. Dick entices the reader into the depths of fantasy by usinng wholly credible characters" The Sunday Times