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The Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick (1987)

The Collected Stories, published originally by Underwood Miller in 1987, contain all the short stories Philip K. Dick ever wrote.

American Editions

British Editions

Cover Gallery

Underwood-Miller (original editions)
Underwood-Miller, 1987Underwood-Miller, 1987Underwood-Miller, 1987
Underwood-Miller (uncorrected proofs)
Underwood-Miller, 1987Underwood-Miller, 1987Underwood-Miller, 1987Underwood-Miller, 1987Underwood-Miller, 1987
Citadel Twilight
Citadel Twilight, 1990Citadel Twilight, 1990Citadel Twilight, 1991Citadel Twilight, 1991Citadel Twilight, 1992
Citadel, 2002Citadel, 2002Citadel, 2002Citadel, 2002Citadel, 2003
Citadel, 2011
Subterranean Press
Subterranean Press, 2010Subterranean Press, 2011Subterranean Press, 2012Subterranean Press, 2013
Gollancz, 1988Gollancz, 1989Gollancz, 1989Gollancz, 1989Gollancz, 1990
Grafton, 1991Grafton, 1991Grafton, 1991Grafton, 1991Grafton, 1991
Millenium, 1999Millenium, 1999Millenium, 1999Millenium, 2000Millenium, 2000
Voyager, 1990Voyager, 1990


  • Volume 1
  • Volume 2
  • Volume 3
  • Volume 4
  • Volume 5
Volume 1: Beyond Lies the Wub (Underwood-Miller), The Short Happy Life of The Brown Oxford Shoe (Citadel)

  • Stability (unpublished before)
  • Roog
  • The Little Movement
  • Beyond Lies the Wub
  • The Gun
  • The Skull
  • The Defenders
  • Mr. Spaceship
  • Piper in the Woods
  • The Infinites
  • The Preserving Machine
  • Expendable
  • The Variable Man
  • The Indefatigable Frog
  • The Crystal Crypt
  • The Short Happy Life of the Brown Oxford
  • The Builder
  • Meddler
  • Paycheck
  • The Great C
  • Out in the Garden
  • The King of the Elves
  • Colony
  • Prize Ship
  • Nanny
Volume 2: Second Variety (Underwood-Miller), We Can Remember it for you Wholesale (Citadel)
  • Introduction (Norman Spinrad)
  • The Cookie Lady
  • Beyond the Door
  • Second Variety (replaced by "We Can Remember it for you..." in the Citadel Twilight edition)
  • Jon’s World
  • The Cosmic Poachers
  • Progeny
  • Some Kinds of Life
  • Martians Come in Clouds
  • The Commuter
  • The World She Wanted
  • A Surface Raid
  • Project: Earth
  • The Trouble with Bubbles
  • Breakfast at Twilight
  • A Present for Pat
  • The Hood Maker
  • Of Withered Apples
  • Human Is
  • Adjustment Team
  • The Impossible Planet
  • Impostor
  • James P. Crow
  • Planet for Transients
  • Small Town
  • Souvenir
  • Survey Team
  • Prominent Author
Volume 3:The Father Thing (Underwood-Miller), Second Variety (Citadel)
  • Fair Game
  • The Hanging Stranger
  • The Eyes Have It
  • The Golden Man
  • The Turning Wheel
  • The Last of the Masters
  • The Father-Thing
  • Strange Eden
  • Tony and the Beetles
  • Null-O
  • To Serve the Master
  • Exhibit Piece
  • The Crawlers
  • Sales Pitch
  • Shell Game
  • Upon the Dull Earth
  • Foster, You’re Dead
  • Pay for the Printer
  • War Veteran
  • The Chromium Fence
  • Misadjustment
  • A World of Talent
  • Psi-Man Heal My Child!
  • Second Variety (in the Citadel Twilight Edition only)
Volume 4: The Days of Perky Pat (Underwood-Miller), The Minority Report (Citadel)
  • Autofac
  • Service Call
  • Captive Market
  • The Mold of Yancy
  • The Minority Report
  • Recall Mechanism
  • The Unreconstructed M
  • Explorers We
  • War Game
  • If There Were No Benny Cemoli
  • Novelty Act
  • Waterspider
  • What the Dead Men Say
  • Orpheus with Clay Feet
  • The Days of Perky Pat
  • Stand-By
  • What’ll We Do with Ragland Park?
  • Oh, to Be a Blobel!
Volume 5: The Little Black Box (Underwood-Miller), The Eye of the Sibyl (Citadel)
  • The Little Black Box
  • The War with the Fnools
  • A Game of Unchance
  • Precious Artifact
  • Retreat Syndrome
  • A Terran Odyssey.
  • Your Appointment Will Be Yesterday
  • Holy Quarrel
  • We Can Remember It for You Wholesale (removed from the Citadel Twilight Edition)
  • Not By Its Cover
  • Return Match
  • Faith of Our Fathers
  • The Story to End All Stories for Harlan Ellison's Anthology DANGEROUS VISIONS.
  • The Electric Ant
  • Cadbury, the Beaver Who Lacked
  • A Little Something for Us Tempunauts
  • The Eye of the Sibyl
  • The Day Mr. Computer Fell out of its Tree
  • The Exit Door Leads
  • Chains of Air, Web of Aether
  • Strange Memories of Death
  • I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon [“Frozen Journey”]
  • Rautavaara’s Case