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Science Fiction Studies, Vol 32&sbq 1984

Essay by Carl Freedman: Toward a Theory of Paranoia: The Science Fiction of Philip K. Dick

Last Wave, #3 1984

Article by K. W. Jeter: Phil’s Cat

Thrust, #23 1985


Foundation, #34 1985

Essay by Steve Brown: The Two Tractates of P.K. Dick

Science Fiction Eye, vol 1&sbqu 1987


Thrust, #31 1988

Article by Kim Robinson

Magical Blend, 1988

"Article by R.A. Wilson on

Vector, #153 1989


The Philp K. Dick Society Newsletter, #21‚ 1989

What the Quizmaster Took by Gregg Rickman is a comparison between the text of Solar Lottery and the World of Chance‚ the british edition of the same novel.

The Edge, Vol. 2 1990


Details, Nov. 1990


Reflex, #23 1992

Article : Philip K. Dick is (Still) Dead

Science Fiction Chronicle, Vol. 15&sb 1994

The FBI files

Firsts, 1994

Collecting P. K. Dick. So it Would Be Funny by J. Baylock -The Good Days by Ann Dick

LA Weekly, 15-Sep 1996

Article: You Don’t Know PKD by J. Lethem

Science Fiction Studies, Vol. 24 1997

Essay by Jill Galvan:Entering the Posthuman Collective in Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Extrapolation, Vol. 39&sb 1998

"Lorenzo Ditomasso: A "logos" or two concerning the "logos" of Umberto Ro

Extrapolation, Vol. 39&sb 1998

Lorenzo Ditomasso: A "logos" or two concerning the "logos" of Umberto Rossi and Philip K. Dick’s Time Out of Joint

Gadfly, May 1999

Martian Time-Slip by Paul Williams

Hermenaut, #15 1999

Philip K. Dick and Fake Authenticity.

Firsts, Oct. 1999

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep

"Science Fiction Commentary 40th Anniversary Edition, Part 1", August 2000

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