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Philip K. Dick Interviews Published in Magazines and Fanzines

Vertex, #6 1974

Interview by Arthur B. Cove

Rolling Stone, 1975

Article with interview: The True Stories of PKD by Paul Williams

Science Fiction Review, #19 1976


The Patchin Review, Oct-Dec. 1982


Starlog, #55 1982


Science Fiction Review, Summer 1983

A Cowardly Profile by Peter Nichols

The Missouri Review, vol. 7&sbq 1984

The Mainstream That Through The Ghetto Flows

Uncle Jam International, 1984

Interview With Gregg Rickman

Science Fiction Eye, vol 1&sbqu 1987

Interview with R.A. Lupoff

Argosy, November 1990

Interview by Gregg Rickmann: The Piper In The Wood: PKD on Life and Death

Science Fiction Eye, #14 1996

Interview by Uwe Anton and W. Fuchs: So I Don’t Write About Heroes