BARJO 1992

Directed by: Jerome Boivin

With: Richard Bohringer, Anne Brochet, Hippolyte Girardot

From the back cover of the VHS movie box

From Jerome Boivin, the director of teh darkly comical BAXTER, comes a wildly offbeat new film. Adapted from a novel by Philip K. Dick, (whose books have also been turned into the film Blade Runner and Total Recall) Barjo could almost be mistaken for a real life, French "Ren and Stimpy".

Fanfan lives with her husband Charles and their two daughters in a stark, modern house in suburbia. Her nerdy twin brother Barjo lives nearby, busily waiting for the UFO's to come that will signal the end of the world. Life is fine inti he accidentally burns down his house, and is forced to move in with Fanfan. While she obsessively pursues the sexual favors of the next-door-neighbor and the neighbor's wife, Barjo records evey move in a notebook, and between the two of them Charles quietly loses his mind. Portrayed by the three of France's most acclaimed contemporary actors, BARJO is a slighlty psychitic story of love and life in the modern world...and beyond.