Directed by: Steven Spielberg

Tom Cruise (Detective John Anderton)
Colin Farrell (Detective Danny Witwer)
Max von Sydow (Director Lamar Burgess)
Samantha Morton (Agatha)
Kathryn Morris (Lara Anderton)
Steve Harris (Jad)

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From the back cover of the DVD box

Superstar Tom Cruise gives his "most potent action performance" (David Ansen, Newsweek) in director Steven Spielberg's Minority Report.

For six years, Washington DC has been murder-free thanks to astounding technoiogy which identifies killers before they commit their crimes. But when the chief of the Precrime Unit (Cruise) is himself accused of a future murder, he has jsut 36 hours to discover who set him up-or he'll fall victime to the "perfect" system he helped create. It's a mind-blowing action thriller that's such an achievement it "reminds us why we go to the mobvies in the first place".