July 1952 September 1952 September 1952 September 1952 November 1952
Beyond Lies The Wub
The Gun
The Skull
The Great C
Little Movement
January 1953 February 1953 June 1953 July 1953 October 1953
Mr Spaceship
The Piper in The Woods
The Cosmic Poachers
The Impossible Planet

December 1953 May 1953 August/Sept 1953 Dec 1953/Jan 1954 January 1953
Project Earth
The World She Wanted
The Commuter
The Builder
The Defenders

June 1953 May 1953 September 1953 September 1953 January 1953
Second Variety
The Variable Man
The King of Elves

June 1953 July 1953 June/July 1953 Oct/Nov. 1953 Oct/Nov. 1953
The Preserving Machine
Martians Come in Clouds
Planet For Transients
Some Kind of Life

- June 1953 August 1953 December 1953 July 1953
The Eyes Have It
The Cookie Ladie
Out In The Garden
The Hanging Stranger
The Indefatiguable Frog

May 1953 July 1953 September 1953
*Roog was also published in the magazine Unearth (1979)
The Infinite
The Impostor
Trouble With The Bubbles

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