January 1966 February 1966 August 1966 December 1966 December 1966 April 1966
Project Plowshare part 2
Holy Quarrel
Your Apointment Will Be Yesterday
Breakfast At Twilight
The Commuter We Can Remember It For You Wholesale*
February 1967 June 1967 April 1967
Return Match*
The Builder
Small Town
January 1969 Summer 1969 February 1969 November 1969 January 1970 Fall 1970
The Electric Ant
What We Will Do With Ragland Park
The War With The Fnools*
A.Lincoln Simulacrum Part 1
A.Lincoln Simulacrum Part 2
A Game of Unchance
October 1974 October 1981
The Pre-Persons
The Alien Mind
Summer 1968 Summer 1968
Not By Its Cover
The Days of Perky Pat
Return Match was also published in Starlog in 1981
We Can Remember It For You Wholesale was also published in Rosebud in 2002
The War With The Fnools* was first published in Galactic Outpost in 1964
Short Stories that have not been published in pulp magazines

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