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Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?/Blade Runner (1968)

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (aka DADOES) was made famous by Ridley Scott's movie Blade Runner (1982), the first movie based on one of Philip K. Dick's books and the movie is probably at the origin of Philip K. Dick's fame today. A number of post-1982 editions of this novel were published under the title of the movie. Note that the date the story takes place was changed from 1992 (January 3, 1992 more precisely) to 2021 in some of the more recent editions to match the date the movie was set. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? with its theme of "what is human?" is a classic Philip K. Dick story and is probably one of his best.

New: Foreign editions of Philip K. Dick books.

American Editions

  • Doubleday 1968, 210 pages, $3.95, hard cover
  • Signet 1969, 159 pages, 75c, paperback
  • Signet 1971, 159 pages, 75c, paperback
  • Ballantine 1982 as Blade Runner, 216 pages, $2.75, paperback
  • Random House 1982, illustrated with images from the movie
  • Ballantine 1984 as Blade Runner, 216 pages, $2.95, paperback (green silhouette, white title)
  • Ballantine 1990 as Blade Runner, 216 pages, $4.95, paperback (white silhouette, red title)
  • Ballantine 1996, 244 pages, $13.00, trade paperback
  • Ballantine 1996, 244 pages, Book Club Edition, hard cover
  • Ballantine 2007, 224 pages, 25th Anniversary edition, with afterword by Paul Sammon
  • Novels For Students, Thompson Gale 2000, 326 pages, hard cover. Contains summary, author bio and critical analysis of major novels including DADES. (Other novels covered are A Tale of Two Cities, The Sun Also Rises, The Pearl, Ethan Frome, The Color Purple, Les Miserables, One Hundred Years of Solitude, The Bean Trees, The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, How the Garcia Girls lost their Accents, The Outsiders, Like Water for Chocolate, Ender's Game, Love Medicine, Giants in the Earth) — image not shown
  • G. K. Hall & Cie 2001, $26.95, large print, hard cover
  • In "Counterfeit Unrealities", SF Book Club Edition 2002, $14.99, 724 pages, hard cover
  • in "Four Novels of the 1960s", Library of America, 2007, 900 pages, $35, hard cover
  • Easton Press, 2008, leatherbound
  • Del Rey SFBC 2009, 244p, $12.99, hard cover

British Editions

  • Rapp & Whiting 1969, 192 pages, hard cover
  • Panther 1972, 183 pages, 30p, paperback
  • Granada 1977, 183 pages, 75p, paperback
  • Granada 1982 (as Blade Runner), 183 pages, £1.50, paperback
  • Grafton 1984 (as Blade Runner), 183 pages, £1.35, paperback
  • Grafton 1986 (as Blade Runner), 183 pages, £1.95, paperback (same cover as 1984 edition)
  • Grafton 1987 (as Blade Runner), 1988, 183 pages, £2.95, paperback (same cover as 1984 edition)
  • Grafton 1992 (as Blade Runner), 183 pages, £3.99, paperback (same cover as 1984 edition)
  • Oxford University Press 1995 (abridged edition for students)
  • Voyager 1997 — information unavailable
  • Fabbri 1997, 183 pages, hard cover
  • Harper Collins, 1997, was given as a free gift in the CGW magazine
  • Millenium 1999 (as Blade Runner), 210 pages, £5.99, paperback
  • Millenium 1999, 210 pages, £6.99, paperback (SF Masterworks)
  • Oxford University Press 2000 (abridged edition for students)— information unavailable
  • Paperview (Great Family Reads #19), 2004, 192 pages, hard cover (promotional edition)
  • in "Five Great Novels" Gollancz 2004, 841 pages, £12.99 (Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?, Martian Time Slip, Ubik, The Three Stigmata Of Palmer Eldritch, and A Scanner Darkly).
  • Orion 2005, 224 pages, paperback
  • in "Five Great Novels" Gollancz 2008, 841 pages, £14.99
  • Gollancz 2010, 208 pages, £7.99, paperback (SF Masterworks)
  • Gollancz 2011, 208 pp, £8.99, hard cover, 50th anniversary edition
  • Phoenix Books 2012, 208 pages, £7.99, paperback

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