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Dr. Futurity (1960)

Dr Futurity was expanded from "Time Pawn", a short story published in Thrilling Wonder Stories in 1954. It was published twice as an Ace Double, in 1960 with Slavers of Space from John Brunner (author of the dystopian new wave SF novel Stand on Zanzibar) and in 1972 back to back with another Philip K. Dick novel, the Unteleported Man. Dr Futurity was first published in England in A Philip K. Dick Omnibus, an anthology/collection containing three novels by Philip K. Dick and three novels by Murray Leinster.

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American Editions

  • Ace 1960, D-421, 138 pages, 35c, back to back with Slavers of Space by John Brunner
  • Ace 1972, 15697, 172 pages, 95c, back to back with the Unteleported Man
  • Berkley 1984, 153 pages, $2.50, paperback
  • Vintage 2005, 176 pages, $11.95, trade paperback
  • Mariner 2013, 165 pages, $13.95, paperback

British Editions

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