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December 2005

Philip K. Dick in the News

  • I Am Alive and You Are Dead: A Journey Into the Mind of Philip K. Dick by Emmanuel Carrere is #29 on the UNCUT list of favorite books of 2005

November 2005

A exclusivity
Since the industrial age
fired up its first machines
to replace human labor,
our collective imagination
has been haunted by the
shadow of the robot.

Do Computers Dream Of Silicon Sheep?: Anxieties of the Spiritual Machine

An Original article by Richard Behrens discussing AI, Philip K Dick, Ray Kurzweil and more in The Journal of Advancing Technology, Fall 2005

April 2005

27 new covers

The Penultimate Truth Gollancz 2005 The Simulacra Gollancz 2004 Minority Report Gollancz 2005

Five Great Novels Gollancz 2004Do Androids Dream...,Martian Tipe-slip, Ubik, The 3 Stigmata of Plamer Eldritch , Scanner

Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep Gollancz 2004
The Crack In Space Vintage 2005
In Milton Lumky Terrirory Gollancz 2005
Mary and the Giants, Gollancz 2004
Paycheck, Gollancz 2005 Soft Cover
Paycheck, Gollancz 2005 Hard Cover

Sci-Fi Private Eye Roc 2004 War Games
New World 2, Gollancz 2002 D. Garnett Ed. Introduction to "Joe Protagora is Alive and Well and Living on Earth" and "The Name of the Game is Death" by Paul Williams
Dream Makers. SF and Fantasy Writers at Work by C. Platt

Ungar 1987

Dangerous Visions

Faith of Our Fathers

Science Fiction Monthly #7 1959


The Great C

Popular Science Fiction

Novembver 1953 Vol1, #2 (Australia)

Piper in The Woods

New Worlds of Science Fiction

Dec. 59, Jan.,Feb. 1960

Time Out of Joint (Abridged)

SF Review #24 (1978)

SF Review #41 (1980)


SF Review #50 (1984)

Lighthouse # 11 (1964) Lighthouse #14 (1966)

Will the Atomic Bomb Ever Be Perfect and If So What Becomes of Robert Heinlein (by PK Dick)

Lighthouse #15 (1967)
Tomorrow and ...#9

Bruce Gillepsie on P.K. Dick