December 28 – (Updated Feb. 4, 2009) Robot Baby Sitter Becomes Real

From Wired Blog Network: Babysitting robots, once the province of speculative fiction, are on the market. They make conversation, recognize faces and keep track of kids. They're not a replacement for TV or games, but for personal care — and some researchers worry that kids will be harmed... click on image to read more.

Philip K. Dick described a robot Nanny in the short story Nanny, published in 1955 in Startling Stories. The illustration of the short story (courtesy of Le Dick Illustre) shows a robot Nanny that is not very different from the 2008 real life model.

February 13, 2009 — New Book and Interview of Tessa Dick

An Owl in The Daylight —Things Are Not As They Appear, Tessa Dick (Create Space, January 8, 2009), This new book by Tessa Dick, Philip K. Dick's wife between 1973 and 1977, recreates the "The Owl In Daylight" the novel that PKD intended to write before his untimely death. Read interview with the author on Self Publishing Review

"The Owl in Daylight is my tribute to my husband. I attempted to recreate the masterpiece that he had in mind, even though he left few clues about the story. As with VALIS and other later works, the plot loosely follows his own life. I hope that I have captured the spirit of the Owl as Phil would have written it, if his life had not been cut short by a massive stroke." Tessa Dick (excerpt of interview)

May 23, 2009 — Book Reviews and Interview on the Republipot

The "Republibot" site is running three days worth of PKD-related content.

  • Today (23/05/2009) a review of "What if our World is their Heaven"
  • Tomorrow a review of Tessa Dick's "Owl in Daylight,"
  • Monday an interview with the former Mrs. Dick about her novel.

May 4, 2009— Flow My Tears to Be Made Into a Movie

flow my tears

Halcyon Co. co-founders and co-CEOs Victor Kubicek and Derek Anderson, who picked up first-look rights to sci-fi author Philip K. Dick's estate in 2007, have selected his 1974 novel "Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said" as the first of his works they will adapt for the screen. Read more >>

May 4, 2009— Philip K. Dick's widow files suits

From Variety. The widow of sci-fi scribe Philip K. Dick has sued the production arm of the estate and several other entities, alleging her rights to proceeds from "Ubik" and "A Scanner Darkly" were violated. Read more >>

March 10, 2009 — A remake (Total Recall) and a new movie (Adjustment Bureau) on the way

matt damon

Total Recall, the 1990 movie, based on the short story "We Can Remember It For You Wholesale" starring Arnold Schwartzenegger, will be remade just in case you did not remember the first one.

The Adjustment Bureau based on the 1954 short story The Adjustment Team will be shot with Matt Damon and George Nolfi (Ocean's Twelve, The Sentinel) as screenwriter and director. The Adjustment Bureau is described as a sci-fi romance about a congressman in love with a ballet dancer who discovers that Earth is one big sound stage controlled by strange outside forces. Filming should start by late summer 2009 and the movie is scheduled to be released in 2010.

July 18, 2009 — The life of Philip K. Dick in the OrangeCoast (Magazine of Orange County California)


The Unending Tale of Philip K. Dick By Patrick J. Kiger / Illustrations by Joseph Adolphe

  • An extensive account of Philip K. Dick's life.

Back in the summer of 1981, Catherine Cate recalls, she and the other young condo owners at 408 E. Civic Center Drive in Santa Ana had a custom of gathering after work at a table in the building’s courtyard. “We’d pour some glasses of wine, or mix a few margaritas or Singapore slushes, and just unwind a little,” she says. Occasionally, the casual conversation about their working days took an offbeat turn, when their third-floor neighbor wandered down to join the group.... read more

August 10, 2009 — A New Movie Deal Under Negotiation?


Terry Gilliam to film The World Jones Made reports that British director Terry Gilliam, member of the Monthy Python troupe, director of "Brazil", "The Fisher King" and "12 Monkeys" is discussing with the Philip K. Dick Estate the possibility to bring "The World Jones Made" to the screen.
    According to the io9 article Gilliam said: — One of the things that is... there's another one that people don't know called "The World According to Jones." Do you know that one?" — Hell no, I don't know this one. Did he read the book before meeting with Dick's daughter? read more.

December 18, 2009 — Movie Options on a Jonathan Lethem Book


The science fiction/noir novel Gun with Occasional Music of PKD's friend Jonathan Lethem has been optioned by the movie producers of Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans. This Chandler-style detective novel, set in a not too distant future in a California populated by strange creatures like the kangaroo seen on this bookcover, is very unique. This book which was said to "Marry Chandler's style and Philip K. Dick's vision...." could make an interesting movie.

From the Biblioklept: "Jonathan Lethem’s novel Gun, with Occasional Music blends hardboiled crime noir with trippy sci-fi to examine the ethical ramifications of murder in a dystopian future where evolved animals work along side humans, mind altering drugs are not only free but encouraged by the authorities, and asking questions requires a license. Conrad Metcalf is a Private Inquisitor trying to solve a murder case involving a urologist, a baby-head (a failed evolved baby), and a gun-wielding kangaroo."

November 16, 2009 — A Short Overview of The Movies Based on PKD's Work

Electric Playground, a daily TV show covering the latest in games, technology, comics, movies, TV and other cool things posted a video about the movies based on Dick's work. The video features Lou Anders, Editorial Director of Pyr Books and Jason Bourget from Queens University discussing Dick's importance and legacy.

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