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01/19/02: 8 new covers

SF Terror Tales (1955) Impostor

Machines That Kill (1984) Second Variety

Rivals of Weird Tales (1990) Expendable

Reel Stuff (1998) second Variety

We can build you (Voyager 1997)

PK Dick in His Own Words (revised edition) Gregg Rickman

Microworlds (1984) by Stanislaw Lem , contains :"PK Dick a visionary among the charlatans"

12/17/01: Many covers - Completed the pulp covers collection!

Pulp Covers:

  1. Some Kinds of Life
  2. the Crystal Crypt
  3. The Prize Ship
  4. Planet For Transients
  5. Human Is
  6. The Pre-Persons


  1. Horizon, July/August 1982
  2. Gnosis #5, 1987 (The Eye of the Sibyl)
  3. Forced Exposure, 1988
  4. Detail, Nov 1990
  5. Starlog #165

Book Covers

  1. Counter-Clock World (Voyager 2002)
  2. Game-Player (Voyager 2001)

11/25/01: Two Anthologies-One Biography - One Pulp

Alpha 2 "Faith of Our Fathers" (1971)

Reel Future "We can Remember it..." (1996)

In Search of PKD , biography by Ann Dick (1996) British Edition

"Second Variety" Selected SF (1955) Rare Australian pulp

11/21/01: Three Anthologies-One Magazine

Time to Come "Jon's World" 1965

Paranoid 50' "Time Out of Joint" (1995)

Future War "Second Variety" (1999)

Magical Blend -"R.A. Wilson on the life of PK Dick" (1988)

9/27/01: Three Anthologies

SF Yearbook # 4 - A Present For Pat (1970)
Space Odysseys -The Impossible Planet (1975)
The Road To SF #3 - We Can Remember It For You (1979)

9/16/01: Two Anthologies
Robert Siverberg's World of Wonder- Colony (1987)
Beyond Tomorrow The Commuter (1976)

9/3/01: One book about PKD + Music related to PKD
The 20th Century Greatest Hits (P. Williams) MArtian TIme Slip is ranked among the 40 greatest hits of the century
towo mp3 downloads with connections to PKD:
Sountrack of the Flow My Tears play by Linda Hartanian (music by Mark Harp)
SoundTrack of the the Movie "The Gospel According to PKD" (Kevin Keller)

8/31/01: One Fanzine, Two Anthologies + two magazines/fanzines in the french covers section
Foudation - The Review of SF #26 (1982) With a Special PK Dick section
Beetween Time and Terror (the Father Thing) ROC 1995
The Wizzard of Odd (?) Ace 1996
Go to the french covers section for:
Actuel -Sept 1974 contains an PKD Interview
Bifrost # 18 (2000) Special PKD issue

8/26/01: One Audio Anthology, One LP, One pulp
Audio book: Tell Me A Story of SF (edited by P. Williams 1997), contains a PKD Story
Valis Opera LP by Tod Machover
A Prominent Author (If, 5/54) see the pulps section

8/19/01: Nine Anthologies, two pulps
Treasury of Great SF Father Thing, (Doubleday, 1959)
World's Best SF 1965 (first) Oh To Be a Blobel (Ace, 1965)
Star Science Fiction 3, Foster You're Dead (Ballantine 1972)
SF Bestiary, Preserving Machine, Dell 1974
Space Opera, Colony (Doubleday 1974, BH; Bekley 1977, PB)
Galaxy 30 yeas of... (Play Boy Press BCE, 1980)
Asimov's Magical World of Fantasy : Faeries, King of Elves (Penguin, 1991)
The Best Military SF of the 20th Century, Second Variety (Del Rey, 2001)
Time Pawn Thrilling Wonder Stories 1954
The Gun Planet Stories 1952

8/8/01: Two Anthologies, two pulps
The Ruins of Earth - Autofac (Putnam 1971)
Space Opera - Colony (Doubleday 1974)
The Gun (Planet Stories 9-52)
Time Pawn (Thrilling Wonder Stories, summer 1954)

8/4/01: Three Covers
Blade Runner (Grafton 1984-92)
Dr Bloodmoney (Legend 1990)
Eye in The Sky (Legend 1991)
An error in the Maze of Death Grafton covers was fixed.

7/23/01: One Pulps + Three Anthologies
Roog (Fantasy & SF 2/1953)
Best of SF #10 Frozen Journey (Timescape 1981)
Urban Horror - The Father Thing (Daw 1993)
Knights of Madness- The War With The Fnools (Ace 2000)

7/23/01: One Pulps

The Builder -(Amazing 12-53/1-54)

7/18/01: Two Anthologies - Blade Runner Comics - Computer Games

Stellar #5 -Chain of Air, Web of Aether (first edition of this short story), Del Ray 1980
Beyond Control (Second Edition) Autofac, Del 1974
2 Blade Runner Comics
1 Blade Runner (VHS)
2 Computer games (Blade Runner, Ubik)

7/11/01: 6 pulps- One anthology
The Indefatiguable Frog (Fantastic Stories Magazine , 7/53)
The Preserving Machine (Fantasy and Science Fiction 6/53)
Martians Come In Clouds (Fantastic Universe 6/7-53)
Misadjustment (Science Fiction Quarterly 2/57)
The King of Elves (Beyond, 9/53)
A present for Pat (Startling Stories 1/54)
Alien Worlds -The Cosmic Poachers - PaperBaclk Library 1964

7/11/01: 2 pulps - 2 Anthologies
Roog (Unearth 1979)
A Game of Unchance (SF Greats 1970)
Beyond Control -Autofac (Nelson 1972)
Aliens Among US -Expendable. (Ace 2000)

7/5/01: 3 Man In The High Castle - 8 pulps
Man In The High Castle (Popular library, 1968, Berkley, 1978, Berkley 1979)
New in the Pulps Section:
Project Earth (Imagination 12/53)
Medler (Future 10/1953)
The Cookie Ladie (Fantasy Fiction 6/1953)
Out In The Garden (Fatasy Fiction 8/1953)
James P Crow (Planet Stories 5/1954)
Vulcan's Hammer (Future 1956)
What We'll Do With Ragland Park (Amazing 11/1963)
All We Marsmen 3/3 (12/1963)

6/30/01: 1 anthology - 2 pulps
Invasion of the Robots-The defenders (PB library 1969)
Planet for Transient-Fantastic Universe 1953
The Rautavaara's Case -Omni 1980

6/20/01: 1 anthology - 1 Books About PKD-1 pulp
-Inside the Funhouse (1992) anthology
-Seek, a collection of non fiction stories by PKD award winner Rudy Rucker. Contains "Haunted by Phil Dick"
-Service Call , SF Stories 7/1955

6/20/01: 1 cover
A handful of Darkness (panther 1966)

6/19/01: 1 fanzine

The ALien Critic #3 (1973) contains a Letter from PKD to this SF review zine. He discuses Watergate and his personal break-in that occured 1971.

6/17/01: 1 anthology and 2 pulps
2 and the Silent Scream (Vulcan's Hammer Novelette) Belmont 1963
The Skull (If 9/52)
The Impossible Planet (Imagination 10/53)

6/16/01: 98 covers of pulp magazines

Three new pages with pulp magazine covers featuring PK Dick short stories have been added.

6/12/01: One Anthology
Alpha 5 -(We Can Remember it for you...)

6/10/01: One Cover

Transmigration of Timothy Archer (Panther 1983)

6/9/01: Several Covers
Ubik (Harper Collins 1998)
Now Wait For Last Year (Millenium 2000)
Classic SF- We Can Remember it... (1998)
The Androids Are Coming- The Electric Ant (1979)
World's Best SF, 1967
The Face (article about PK Dick) 1982
It looks like a PKD Book but it is not, another case of cover art recycling

5/25/01: One French Cover
Le Dieu Venu Du Centaure (The Three Stigmata...) (Opta, 1974)

4/29/01: Four Covers
Game-players of titan (Sphere 1973)
Time Out of Joint (Penguin 1974) was wrong - As a result, a Penguin cover is looking for a date...
13 crimes of SF- War Game (Doubleday SFBC 1979)
Nebula Award Stories #2-We Can Remember it For You (Doubleday 1969)


4/24/01: A Movie
Philip K Dick, The Nervous Breakdown (1996)

4/21/01: 1 anthology
The Inhumans - The Father Thing- Popular Library 1965

4/18/01: 8 covers
The Man In the High Castle (Penguin 1999)
Time to Come- Jon's World- (Berkley, 1958)
Strange Gifts - The Golden Man - (R. Silverberg ed, 1975)
The Andoids Are Coming (R. Silverberg ed, Cosmos Books 2000)
PK Dick Piper in the Woods (1981 interview by Greg Rickman, 1987)
Minority Report (Harper Audio, 2001)
Blade Runner
Blade Runner Magazine
French Cover
The Man In the High Castle (1999)

4/14/01: 1 book cover
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (Harper and Collins, 1997)

4/08/01: 3 magazines
Reflex #23 (1992)
Last Wave Vol1, #1 (1983) "My Life in Stilness: White as Day"
Last Wave Vol1, #3 (1984) "On a Cat Which Fell Three Stories and Survived"

4/08/01: 1 Blade Runner Cover

4/04/01: 4 anthologies + 1 new movie
Dream Maker (Berkley 1980)
The Metal Smile -Impostor (Belmont 1974)
Star SF Stories 3-Foster You're Dead (Ballantine 1961)
More Macabre -The Cookie Ladie (Ace 1961)
The Gospel According to Philip K. Dick : A not-yet released movie

3/06/01: 1 magazine cover
Playboy december 1980 (Frozen Journey)

3/01/01: 1 cover
Blade Runner Comics (1982)

2/19/01: 4 magazine/fanzine covers
Vertex vol2,# 4 (1975) An open letter from PKD
SF Review (1976) Interview
Twilight Zone (1982) Interview
Starlog #150 (1990?) Interview

2/19/01: 1 magazine cover
SF Eye (1987) Special PK Dick Section

2/17/01: A Page with the first editions only

2/16/01: 1 magazine cover
Starlog #5 (february 1982) Interview

1/30/01: 3 new covers

A trade paberback edition of the Levack Bibliography (1982)

Vulcan's hammer (Arrow 1976)

The End of The World (anthology, Ace, 1956)

1/30/01: 5 new covers-3 Magazines- 3 Movies

The collected stories (Grafton 1991) and (Millenium 1999-2000) are now complete.

A Revised edition of the Levack Bibliography (1988)

Time Out of Joint (Penguin 1986)

1/22/01: Updates

Update of three "Three Stigmata" covers (Pather 78, Triad Granada 84, Triad Grafton 87).

Update of the SFBCE of The Man in the High Castle

1/21/01: A cover

The Ganymede Takeover (Sphere 1980)

1/18/01: A New Book

What If Their World Is Our Haven? The final Conversation of PK Dick (Overlook, 2000)

1/17/01: New Page added

With anthologies, articles, Blade Runner books, audiobooks, movies and music

1/11/01: Two Covers added

Ubik (Granada, 1978)

Time Out of Joint (Penguin, 1984)

1/8/01: One reference updated

The Man in the High Castle (Roc, 1993)

1/6/01: Four covers

The Secret Ascension . Philip K. Dick is Dead Alas by Michael Bishop (First HC edition, Tor 1987)

Deus Irae (Daw, 1983)

Tim Out of Joint (Roc, 1994)

The Man in the High Castle (Roc, 1993)

12/26/00: Many rare covers - the Pamphlets published by The PKD Society

-The PKDS pamphlets

Warning We are the Police (PKDS, 1985) plot outline for TV series "the Invaders"

Outline for "Our Friends from Frolix8* (PKDS, 1989)

A letter from PKD, Feb 1, 1960 (PKDS, 1983)

Naziism and the High Castle back to back with Schizophrenia and the Book of Change (PKDS, 1987)

If you find this World bad... (PKDS, 1991)

What The Quizmaster Took by Gregg Rickmann (PKDS, 1989)

The covers

Starmont Reader's Guide 12 (Hazel Pierce ed) Leatherbound edition

Two variants of A Handful of Darkness (Rich & Cowan 1955)

The Little Black Box (Gollancz, vol 5, 1990)

Valis and Cosmogony and Cosmology (Kerosina, 1987) boxed limited edition

Mind In Motion by Patricia Warrick (Southern Illinois UP, 1987)

PKD: A philip K. Dick Bibliography the famous "Levack bibliography" (Underwood-Miller 1981, Limited Edition, Signed By PK Dick)

A Philip K. Dick Checklist by C. Stephens (Ultramarine 1991)

Counterclock World (Sphere 1968)

Flow my Tears (Gollancz)

In Pursuit of Valis (Underwood, 1991) 1/4 leather bound

12/23/00: Preserving Machine

The Preserving Machine (Readers Union 1972)

12/22/00: First French Frolix-Third Collected Stories

Le Message de Frolix-8 (Opta, 1972)

A third edition of the Collected Stories by Underwood-Miller

12/21/00: Old editions and new books

The new ones:

PK Dick High. The truth is in your head by D. Bischoff (Wild Side Press 2000, also exists as an e-book)

Philip K. Dick by Andrew Buttler (Pocket Essentials, 2000)

The old ones

Philip K. Dick is Dead, Alas by Michael Bishop (OrbBooks 1994)

Blood In Kensington Gore: Philip K. Dick in the Afterlife (Brian Aldiss)

The digital Wristwatch (Richard Lupoff)

World of Chance (Rich & Cowen 1956)

The Collected Stories (Underwood-Miller 1987, leatherbound)

Science Fiction Special #7 (Sidgwock & Jackson, 1973) includes PK Dick Omnibus

In Milton Lumky Territory (Dragon Press 1985, limited edition)

The Broken Bubble (Ultramarine 1988, full leather)

A Maze of Death (Gollancz 1972)

Ubik The Screen Play, Limited Edition (Coroboree 1985)

The Penultimate Truth (Jonathan Cape, 1967)

The Gane-Players of Titan (White Lion, 1974)

The Man in The high Castle (Easton Press, 1995)

Flow My Tears.. (Panther 1979)

  12/15/00: Several Covers and References

Second Variety (Gollancz 1989)

A Scanner Drakly (BCE 1977) same as Doubleday 1977

Valis Triogy (HB) same as soft cover

Flow My Tears (Panther 1976)

Inside Art of Gregg Press editions of Solar Lottery and The Three Stigmata

Puttering ABout in a Small Land (1985 PB) same as HB

12/15/00: Lots of New Stuff - Rare Covers

A World of Chance (Solar Lottery) (Panther 1959)

The Man Who Japed (Eyere Methuen1978 HB)

Eye in The Sky Gregg Edition Inside Art

Clans of the Alphane Moon Gregg Edition Inside Art

Simulacra (Eyre Methuen 1977 HB)

Three Stigmata (Jonathan Cape 1966, HB)

Counter Clock World Gregg Edition Inside Art

Blade runner Comic Books (1982) and British Film Institute (1997)

The Man Who Japed (Magnum 1978 HB)

Galactic Pothealer (Gollancz 1971)

Radio free Albemuth (Grafton 1987, Svern 1987 HB)

The Broken Bubble (UltraMarine 1988)

The Preserving Machine (Gollancz 1971) published first as The Philip K. Dick Omnibus

A philip K dick Omnibus ( the real one, 1970)

Search For PK Dick (by Ann Dick, 1995)

12/10/00: 3 new covers and Inside Art

Mary and the Giant (UltraMarine 1987)

The Man Who Japed (Magnum 1978 HB)

Retrofitting Blade Runner

Inside art for Gregg Press Editions of The World Jones Made, The Game-Players of titan, Dr Bloodmoney, Vulcan's Hammer, The Man in the High Castle and Zap Gun

Blanks in the Gallerie for Now Wait and Frolix have been filled

11 new french covers were also added (Ubik, Valis, Three Stigmata, Blade Runner, Dr Bloodmoney, Clans, The Man Whose Teeth Were All Exactly Alike, and Collected Stories and Novels). Interestingly, the cover art of the american editions of 'Divine Invasion' is used for Counter-clock world and one of the of UBIK cover is the cover of the compter game UBIK.

12/2/00: Two Ubik Covers and more

Ubik (Rapp & Whiting 1970, Panther 1973)

The Umbrella of Light by A. Taylor (1975)

I have also added 14 Gregg Press editions with inside art for Ubik and Time Out of Joint.

12/1/00: 10 Rare Covers

The Golden Man (Methuen 1981, HC)

The World Jone Made (Sidgwick and Jackson 1968)

Martian Time Slip (New Emglish Library 1976)

The Ganymede Takeover (Severn House 1988)

Do Androids Dream of Elelctric Sheep (Rapp Whiting 1969 and Fabbri 1997)

Deus Irae (Gollancz 1977)

The Crack in Space (Methuen 1980, Severn House 1989)

The Broken Bubble (Gollancz 1989)

And One French Cover

Humpty Dumpty in Oakland (Terrain Vague 1990)

 11/28/00: Three new covers

A Scanner darkly (Daw 1984)

Flow My Tears (Readers Union 1975)

The Days of Perky Pat (Gollancz 1990)


The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch (penguin, 1973)

The Man in the High Castle (Readers Union (UK), mid '70s)

Deus Irae (Readers Union (UK), 1978)

PK Dick (D.Mackey) 1978

40 Articles from SF studies (1992)

The Child's Hat (1966) contains 3 poems by PK Dick

Also added 19 french covers.


Maze of death, Flow my tears.. and Penultimate truth (Voyager)

Ubik, Dr Bloodmoney and Three Early Novels (Millenium 2000)


Martian Time Slip (2 reprints of the Ballantine 1976 edition)

A Maze of Death (Grafton 1984)

The Man in the High Castle (Penguin 1965)

The Divine Invasion (Corgi 1982)

Dr Bloodmoney (Dell 1980)

Eye in The Sky (Arrow 1979)

The Ganymede Takeover (Arrow 1991)

PKD: The Dream Connection (Permanent Press 1987)


Flow My Tears (Doubleday 1974, First edition)

Ubik (Daw 1983)

The Man In the High Castle (Easton Press, 1995)

The Man In the High Castle (Berkley 1974, later printings)

Galactic Pot Healer (Berkley 1969, first edition)


Collected Stories Vol. 3: The Father Thing (Orion)

I hope I shall Arrive Soon (Panther)

The Man in the High Castle (Penguin 1978)

The Man in the High Castle (Gollancz)

The Game-players of Titan (Sphere)

The Three Stigmata ...(Voyager)

Time Out of Joint (Penguin)

The Shifting Realities of PKD (Pantheon 1995)

The Novels of PKD (KS Robinson, 1984)


Valis (Bantam 1981)

Deus Irae (Collier 1993)

I Hope I shall Arrive Soon (Gollancz, 1986; first British)

9/11/ 2000

Cosmic pupet (Panther 1985)

Deus Irae (Sphere 1982)

Mary and the Giant (Gollancz 1988)

The Man in the High Castle (Putnam 1962, First Edition)

A bunch of bibliographies (not very artistic covers)

9/9/ 2000  

Penultimate truth (Carol and Graff)

The Golden Man (BCE, 1980)

The Transmigration (Grafton 1987)

Selected Letters 38-71 (Leatherbound edition)

A maze of death (Double day 1970, First HC Edition)

Galactic pothealer

Eye in the sky (Arrow 1971)

Divine Invasion (1980 BCE)

Firsts: A magazine devoted to first editions (A PK Dick Special issue)

8/25/ 2000  

I hope I shall Arrive soon (First Edition 1986)

A Handfull of Drakness (First British)

PKD: Electric Shepeherd (from Australia)

Ubik (Panther 1978)

The Simulacra (Methuen 1987)

A scanner Darkly (Gollanz 1977, frist British and Granada 1978)

Now Wait For Last Year (Panther 1984)

The Game Players of Titan ( Grafton, 1991)

Dr-Futurity (Methuen 1977)

Counterclock World (White Lion 1977, British HC)

Cosmic Puppets (Severn House 1986)

Time Out of Joint (Lipincott 1st HC Edition, rare!)

Philip K Dick is Dead, Alas (Michael Bishop, 1988)