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This book is worth $5,000 according to a sale on Ebay this week.
$1,225.00, is the price paid for this book on Ebay.

03/24/2006 Artist Talks A Scanner Darkly

One animation that dares to be the most different of all the rest this year is the adaptation of Philip K. Dick's A Scanner Darkly...

'A Scanner Darkly' Reveals Near Future Police State

Paul Joseph Watson February 22 2006

Mike Stovall
Radiohead To Write Film Soundtrack
This is Fake DIY, UK - Mar 21, 2006
See all the covers of A Scanner Darkly

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March 2006 Next, The Golden Man
"Next" will be the next PKD movie based on the Golden Man. Starring Jessica Biel and Nicolas Cage - Directed by Lee Tamahori (“Die Another Day”)
Jessica Biel

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02/16/2006 The Android is Gone Missing!
Keanu takes on PK Dick tale - ABC Online - Australia

The schizoid man -Interview with Richard Linklater

Jan. 2006

The Philip K Dick Android Project

For WIRED magazine's NextFest, a team of artists, writers, engineers, literary scholars, and freethinkers have created an android portrait of Philip K Dick.

Check also their blog for more pictures.

click on image to....

Listen to the Philip K Dick android in a BBC radio show about the religious experience of PKD (you can skip the first 2 min of unrelated stuff )

MARCH 2006
  • Wired, April 2006: Losing One's Head by Tom Nichols. The story behind the loss of the PKD robot.

  • Link: 26 Covers of Russian translations of Philip K. Dick Novels can be seen on this website

FEBRUARY 2006 RES magazine vol 9, #1


  • What A Scanner Sees: Richard Linklater Animates a Philip K. DIck Sci-Fi Classic
  • PKD at the Movies

JANUARY 2006 PKD/SIMULACRA music CD by the

Metropolis Records 2003

Vinyl LP 1983

Bunnydrums, a band with "...a ravenous appetite for the works of science fiction master Philip K. Dick." The Bunnydrums played from 1980 to 1987. The CD is a collection of 19 tracks including Feather Web (1983) dedicated to Philip K. Dick.You can sample their music here.

The movie based on Scanner Darkly is due to be released in July 2006.

For more information and for a preview click on Image

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