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7/26/2006 1977 Philip K. Dick interview + Linklater, Pallotta, Ryder, etc.. on A Scanner Darkly

From Prison Planet
From The Valley Advocate

07/17/2006 About Scanner Darkly
Interview with Downey Jr
About the PKD android head

06/19/2006 From Nature What is reality? Cinematographic technique can provide insight into the perception of reality. Philip K. Dick is discussed in an article in the prestigious scientific journal Nature. Scientists used scenes from Waking Life (the previous movie of Linklater) to show that different parts of the brain are stimulated by real life video and by the rotoscoped version of the same scene. Read Article

06/05/2006 From The Observer "I Am Alive And You Are Dead by Emmanuel Carrere : Philip K Dick notched up a respectable five entries in Peter Boxall's recent (much-maligned) doorstopper, 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die." (read more)
From IGN FilmForce
Interview with Tommy Pallotta, Scanner Darkly producer.

JUNE 2006 PKD Okatu "PKD Otaku" is an american based paper and online magazine or fanzine about the american sci-fi author Philip K. Dick, (edited by Patrick Clark and Mark Oberst). Contains letters, reviews & secondary material. Isssue #16 has just been published.

E-book The player piano and musico-cybernetic science fiction between the 1950s and the 1980s: Kurt Vonnegut and Philip K. Dick.(Critical Essay) : An article from: Extrapolation (December 22, 2004, Volume: 45 Issue: 4 Page: 370(18)) [HTML] (Digital)
by Kiyoko Magome
Available on amazon
MAY 2006
  • New Link: Showcase, an incredible collection of covers of american, french and italian pulp magazine covers and books and much more. If you want to see the cover of the very first pulp published in 1926, check it out.

A Scanner Darkly

New movie stills on CanMag

APRIL 2006
  • Transfer of the old site to the new one is complete all links should be active now
  • New "Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep" cover (see below)
  • The Selected Letters Vol. 6 seems should be available at the end of the month
  • Added 25 anthologies covers
  • The pulp magazines section has been updated
04/24/2006 "Next", the movie based on the Golden Man is getting into production: Production Begins in Los Angeles on Revolution Studios' Science Fiction Action Thriller 'Next'
Covers added recently

Mai 2006
A Family Darkly
A Family Darkly, a PKD controvertial biography by Ann Mini the daughter of Philip K. Dick's second wife. Has this book ever been publlished?

Check Availability on Amazon.com

This new book contains excerpts from VALIS, A Scanner Darkly, The Man in the High Castle, Ubik, The three Stigmata of Plamer Eldritch as well as the stories "The Days of Perky Pat", "A Little Something for Us Tempunauts", "I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon" and more.
Carroll and Graf 2006
Vintage 2006

April 2006
Biography of Philip K. Dick (1928-1982)
Dangerous Visions
E-book: Biography of Philip K. Dick (1928-1982) : An article from: Contemporary Authors by Gale Reference Team.
Available ($5.95) on Amazon.com

March 2006
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep
Counterfeit Worlds Philip K. Dick on Film
The Selected Letters Vol. 6
Paperview 2004
Gollancz 2005
Del Rey (year?)
Titan Books 2006 (UK)
Underwood Books 2006