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British reeditions of some classic SF novels as well as Emmanuel Carrere's biography in paperback and Counterfeit Worlds a book about movies based on Philip K. Dick's books- Click on image for more information.
Ubik (Gollancz 2006)
Cosmic Puppets (Gollancz 2006)
The Zap Gun (Gollancz 2006)
I am Alive, You are Dead (Bloomsbury 2006)
Counterfeit Worlds (Titan Books 2006)

July 2006
Graphic Novel: A Scanner Darkly (Pantheon, 2006)

Reprint edition, see first edition here. Read review from entertainment weekly

A Scanner Darkly soundtrack is available in stores.

Sample the music on the official Scanner Darkly Soundtrack website

  • From Google Video: Philip. K. Dick SciFi genius (57 min video)

8/01/2006 From the New Yorker

From MovieWeb
  • Bill Pullman is in negotiations to portray Philip K. Dick, in the independent film Panasonic, according to Production Weekly.

  • Watch the "missing gear" episode of A Scanner Darkly

From CanMag

8/13/2006 About Panasonic an upcoming biographical movie on Philip K. Dick

  • Images from "Confessions of a Crap Artist"

Click on image to discover the real places described in "Confessions of a Crap Artist"