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Updates of year 2002

97 covers were added to the site in 2002, which brings the total to 828 covers.

12/20/02: Last Update of year 2002

Year's Best SF, 1954 (Fell 1954) Second Variety

Masterpices of Enchantment (BCE, 1988) The King of the Elves

Invasion of the Robots (?) The Defenders

12/9/02: 7 covers


Dr Futurity (Magnum 1979)

The Man Who Japed (Vintage 2002)

The Three Stigmata (Voyager 1996)


The Androids Are Coming (Cosmos Books 2000) The Electric Ants

Final Stage (Charter House 1974, abridged version) A little Something for Us Tempunauts


SF Greats (1970)


I am Alive, You are all dead...(E. Carrère) translated from French


The Father Thing (RosettaBooks 2002)

(I am sure what this is, is it by Pk Dick our Poul Anderson?)

12/5/02: 14 covers


Zap Gun (Vintage 2002)

Couterclock World (Vintage 2002)

The Three Stigmata...(Gollancz 2003)

The Man In The High Castle (HC, Gollancz 2003)

Do Androids... (large print edition)


Time Travelers (1997)


Selected Stories (HC, Pantheon 2002)

Other Worlds Other Times (Mc Fadden 1969) Piper in the Wood

Magazines Fanzines

Vertex#4 (1975) Open Letter to Joanna Russ

Interzone (1984) Strange Memory of Death

Foundation #10 (1976) and #18 (1980)


Novels For Students (do Androids...)

10/29/02: 1 Magazine

BookForum, summer 2002 "You Don't Know Philip K Dick" By Jonathan Lethem

10/27/02: 5 Magazines/Fanzines, 2 Anthologies, 1 DVD, 1 book, 1 Pulp.

Foudation #17 (1979) and 34 (1985)

The Fortean Times # 161 and 162 (2002)

SF Chronicle (1994)

Robot Warrior Second Variety (Ace 1991)

Men On The Moon

Impostor (DVD,2001)

Minority Report (2002, HB)

First Worl of If Captive Market (1957)

09/20/02: Three Anthologies, 1 collection of novels, 1 magazine and one comics

NEBULA AWARD STORIES 16 (1982) Rautavaara's Case

Earth In Transit (1976) We Can Remember It....

Blade Runner Comics

Counterfeit Unrealities (contains 4 novels, Ubik, Scanner, 3 stigmata and DODES)

Firsts 1999

The Metal Smile (1968) Impostor

08/10/02: One Anthologies, 11 French Covers

Time to Come (Pyramid 1969)

Le Temps Désarticulé (1996)

Le Maitre du Haut Chateau (2001)

Simulacres (1985)

Mensonges et Cie (1999)

Au bout du Labyrinthe (1987)

Message de Frolix

Docteur Futur (1988)

Substance Rêve (1993)

La Porte Obscure (1994)

La Trilogie Divine (2002)

Invasions Divines (1995)

La Fille Aux Cheveux Noirs (2002)

07/13/02: Five Anthologies, one biography and three magazines

"Machines That Think" (1985) and its 1991 re-edition "War With the Robots"

Spells of Enchantment (1991)

Third OMNI book of SF (1985)

Minority Report (Gollancz, 2002)

Divine Invasions (L. Sutin)

The Face (1982)

Gnosis (1985)

Rosebud (2002)

Another example of cover art recycling. Despite the "Our Friend of Frolix" cover , this anthology does not contain any PK Dick Story.
Philip K DIck in The News

San Francisco Chronicle

June 19, 2002

Click on Image to Read Article


Read the story behind the movie: click on the cover you like and buy directly the book at

cover cover cover

05/12/02: 16 covers, some new ones, some old ones.

Time out of Joint (Vintage 2002)

The Simulacra (Vintage 2002)

Dr Bloodmoney (Vintage 2002)

Clans of the Alphane Moon (Vintage 2002)

The Three Stigmata (Vintage 2002)

The Man In the High Castle (Penguin 2001, Gollancz 2001, Quality PB 2001)

Minority Report (Pantheon 2002, HC)

Valis (Gollancz 2001)

Flow My Tears...(Gollancz 2001)

Radio Free Albemuth (Voyager 1999)

Second Variety (Voyager 1990)

The Father Thing (Voyager 1990)

Ruins of Earth (Arrow 1975)

Minority Report Audio Book (Penton Overseas 2000)

New Vintage editions - Available at

You can also read exerts of PK Dick's books on

For the record: There is now a total to 24 different editions of The Man In the High Castle!

04/20/02: 4 Anthologies and 3 Fanzines/magazines

Spectrum II (1964) Second Variety

Alien Worlds (1964) Cosmic Poachers

Final Stage (1975) A little Something For Us...

SF Showcase (1960) Expendable

Paperback Quarterly (1982)

Comics Journal (1982)

Metal Hurlant (1986)

03/16/02: One fanzine, one anthology

SF Review #17 (1976) Philip K Dick a parallax view (Terence Green)

The Best of Fantasy and SF (1982) Alien Mind

02/02/02: Blade Runner - Anthology - french Cover

Blade Runner -Book that came with CGM (?) magazine

The Human Equation (1970) Novelty Act

Coulez Mes Larmes (J'ai Lu 1988)

02/02/02: 1 Anthology - Martian Time-Slip -1 laser Disk

Invasion of the Robots (paperback library 1965) The Defenders

Martian Time-Slip (New English Library 1983)

Screamers Laser Disk

01/28/02: 2 Anthologies

The Nebula Award Stories 2 (1967) We can remember it for you wholesale

The Wizards of Odd (1997)

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