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2003 Updates

76 covers were added to the site this year (30 anthologies, 22 magazines, 15 books and 9 in the video department) which brings the total to 1024 books and other media referenced. Thank you to all of you who contributed. The highlight of this year was without a doubt the addition of a Sidgwick and Jackson 1970 edition of the The World Jones Made a rare hard back edition that had eluded us so far. In 2003 we have had a number of reissues of novels by Vintage in the US with attractive colorful covers, unlike the early ones and by Gollancz in the UK. The new movie "Paycheck" is out in the theaters and an official Philip K Dick website was launched. Let's see what 2004 has to offer.

12/27/03 Philip K Dick in the news

Late writer's clever ideas have launched many a Hollywood science fiction vehicle by Gary Dretska (San Francisco Chronicle, 12/27/2003)

12/25/03 5 covers

Collected Stories Paycheck (Citadel 2003)

Nebula Award (Vintage 2003)

Science Fiction Review 2 ( 1975)

The Edge Vol.2 (1990) Article

Wired (December 2003) Four articles on PK Dick

The Second Coming of Philip K Dick by Frank Rose

Reality Check by Frank Rose

The Metaphysics of Philip k Dick by Erik Davis

The Hollywood Treatment

10/21/03 8 covers

Deus Irae (Vintage 2003)

The Cosmic Puppets (Vintage 2003)

The World Jones Mades (Gollancz 2003)

Niekas #20 (1968) The Story to End All Stories for Harlan Ellison's Anthology Dangerous Visions

BBC Biography (VHS)

Impostor (DVD, UK)

Hunger for Horror (Daw 1988) ?

Decade 1960's (Macmillan UK , 1977) The Electric Ant

New Link: For a collection of german editions of P.K. Dick books check this website

08/09/03 6 covers

Science Fiction Special #1- (Sidgwick&Jackson 1970, HC) The World Jones Made -also contains Space Swimmers (G.R.Dickinson) and Waters of Death (I.E. Greenfield)

Tomorrow Inc (Taplinger 1976, HC) Captive Market

The Vintage Book of Amnesia (2000) I hope I shall Arrive Soon

Space Odysseys (Doubleday 1976, HC) The Electric Ant

Magical Blend #17 "The Alien Mind"

New Pathways into SF and Fantasy #12 (Oct.1988) Dick on Dick from The Selected Letters

06/14/03 24 covers

Dangerous Visions (Doubleday BBC 1967, 1983, 2002, Ibooks 2002 ) The Father-Thing

Masterpieces : The Best SF of the Century (1995)

The World Treasury of SF (1989) Second Variety

Spectrum 2 (Pan Books 1965 ) Second Variety

Tomorrow Inc (Robson Books 1977) Captive Market

Vintage Science Fiction ?

Simulations2 ?

Time to Come (Consul Books, UK 1963) Jon's World

A Century of Science Fiction ?

101 Science Fiction Stories (Avenel Books 1986)

Angels (Ace 1995)

The Eureka Years (Banntam 1982) The Little Movement + Letter to the editor

New Worlds (dec 1959 to Feb 1960) Time out of Joint

The Cybernetic Imagination in Science Fiction by Patricia Warrick. MIT Press (1980)

Anatomy of Wonder (Bowker 1976) Bibliography

LA Weekly (nov 9-15 1996) The Novelist of the eighties has been dead eight years

Starlog 1981 (Illustrated Fiction by PK Dick)

Heavy Metal (June 1982)

Exhilaration and Terror of the Postmodern (Liverpool University Press, 2003) Christopher Palmer

The Dream Connection by Scott Appel (Impermanent Press 1999) A soft cover edition of this great book

Anthologies have been rearranged by short story title

A great resource for bibliographic information The Locus Index to Science Fiction: Site Directory

On this website you can find (almost) everything you want to know about SF Anthologies:

05/2/03 14 covers

Beyond The Barrier of Space and Time (SFBC 1957) The Golden Man

Cyber-Killers (Orion, 1998)

Dark Descent : The Revolution of Horror (Tor Books 1987)

Eye in the Sky (Vintage 2003)

Solar Lottery (Vintage 2003)

Dark Descent : A fabulous Formless Darkness (Harper Collins 1991)

Philip K Dick. A Biography by Daryl Mason (Gollancz 2004)

Minority Report VHS, DVD, CD, and games

Blade Runner 3-D computer game

04/21/03 9 COVERS

Beyond Tomorrow (NEL 1977) The Commuter

Windows Into Tomorrow (Pinnacle 1975) The Electric Ant

Best of OMNI (1983)

Bulletin of the SFWA (1982) Announcement of PKD's Death

SF Review #36, (August 1980) Reality in drag. A profile of PKD by Charles Platt

SF Review #39 (February 1981) The Two Tractates of PKD (Steve Brown)

The Book and Magazine Collectors #74 (1990) PKD Scifi Novelist

Solar Lottery (Gollancz, 2003)

Eye in the Sky (Gollancz 2003)


Our Friends From Frolix-8 (Vintage 2003)

Cantata 40 (SF Masterworks, Gollancz 2003)

The Great SF Stories (Daw 1992) If there were no Benny Cemoly

Argosy (November 1990) Piper in the wods: Philip k DIck on life and Death. Interview by Gregg Rickman

Eternity SF (1972) Notes made late at night by a weary SF writer by P.K. Dick


Themes In SF: A Journey Into Wonder (Webster/MacGraw Hill 1972) Father Thing

Nebula Award 16 (Bantam 1983) Rautavarara's Case

Extrapolation (Summer 1979, Summer 80 and Summer 1983) Essays by Patricia Warrick, Mary Kay Brays, and Robert Galbreath)

01/01/03 We live in Dickian World

Read this article from the San Francisco Chronicle.

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