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Year 2004 updates

This ends a very prolific year with 146 covers added bringing the total number of books listed to 1170...the collection of French editions is now almost complete.

11/25/2004 - 22 Covers added

  • The Penultimate Truth (Vintage 2004)
  • Vulcan's Hammer (Vintage 2004)
  • Beyond Lies the Wub (Gollancz, 1988). This book was first published with a typo (Wubb) on the spine. It was withdrawn from circulation and reprinted.


  • The Ascent of Wonder (TOR 1994) The Indefatiguable Frog
  • 6 and The Silent Scream (Consul 1964) Vulcan's Hammer (Novella) (Note: This Book is not listed in the Stephensen-Payne and Benson bibliography)
  • Vampires (1997)
  • Amazing- The Wild Years 1946-1955 (TOR1987) Breakfast at Twilight
  • More Amazing Stories (TOR 1998) The Builder
  • Battlefields Beyond Tomorrow (Bonanza 1987) Defender
  • Time Travelers (Barnes and Noble 1998) A Little Something for Us Tempunauts
  • Norton's Book of SF (Norton 1993) Frozen Journey
  • Histoires de Mutants (Livre de Poche 1974) Un Monde de Talent/A World of Talent


  • Locus vol 15,#5 (1982) Philip K Dick Appreciations
  • Vector #153 Dec 1989/Jan1990 Article
  • Wateland #10 Sept 1988 - Life's Illusion (Comics)
  • Thrust # 23, 1985 Article by M. Bishop
  • Thrust #31, 1988 Article by Kim S. Robinson


  • Popular Culture in America (P. Buhle Ed.) SF: PKD by Sam Hunting
  • This World and Nearer Ones (B. Aldiss) Dick's Maledictory Lives
  • SF in the Real World (N. Spinrad) The Transmogrification of PKD (1990)
  • Terminal Identity : The Virtual Subject in Postmodern SF (S. Bukatman) The Schizoculture of PKD, Ubik and the Reality Fix (1993)
  • Positions and Presuppositions in SF (D. Suvin) PKD's Opus: Artifice as Refuge and World View (1998)


  • Flow My Tears Play (Linda Hartinian)

05/30/2004 - 12 Covers

Ubik (French, Book Club Edition, 1976)

The Man In The High Castle (Putnam 1980)

French Anthologies:

  • Histoires de Mutants (Livre de Poche 1976), Un monde de talents / A world of talent
  • Histoires de Fins du Monde (Livre de Poche 1976) Foster, vous êtes mort! / Foster, you're dead!
  • Histoires Paradoxales (Livre de Poche 1984) Pitié pour les tempnautes / A little something for us, tempunauts
  • Histoires Fausses (Livre de Poche 1984) Le soulier qui trouva chaussure à son pied / The short happy life of the brown Oxford
  • Histoires des Temps Futurs – (Casterman 1971) En ce bas monde / Upon the dull earth
  • Après-demain, la Terre (Casterman 1971) Reconstitution historique / Exhibit piece

Le Retour des Explorateurs /Explorer We (Aube Enclavée 197?) extremely hard to find edition of this short story

Catalogue Denoel 1997 (Denoel 1997) Le Retour des Explorateurs /Explorer We - La transmigration de Philip K Dick

Invasions Divines (L. Sutin) (Gallimard/Folio 2002)

Requiem Pour Philip K Dick/Philip K ick is Dead Alas (Michael Bishop) (Gallimard/Folio 2002)

05/28/2004 - 17 Covers

Deus Irae (Sphere 1978)

Ubik (Thorndike Large Print 2002)

Flow My Tears (Thorndike Large Print 2001)

The Acts of Paul (Brief Synopsis for Alternate World Novel, comes with a limited Underwood-Miller edition of the collected stories) written in 1982

Mammoth Book of SF (Carol Graf 2002) The Exit Door Leads In

Other Times Other Worlds (Manor 1974) Piper In The Woods

Dark Stars (Ballantine 1969) Impostor

Souls In Metal (Hale 1978) Impostor

Unsolved Mysteries - Past and Present (1992) Was PKD Possesed by an Angel by Colin Wilson

Bridges To SF (Southern Illinois Press 1980) PKD's MIHC and the Nature of Science Fictional Worlds

In Search of Wonders (Advent Publisher, 1968) by Damon Knight Contains one chapter on PKD

Pink Beams of Light From The God In The Gutter (UPA 2004) Gabriel Mckee

Forced Exposure #13 (1982) Letter to Editor

Hermenaut #15 (1999) Article,Ubik comic, and more

Fictum Miraculum I #1 (1975) Reviews of Flow My Tears and MIHC


  • Astro Launch A side: PKD in the Pet Food Section of Wal-Mart
  • Dream Made Flesh -Great Men , A Side: P.K. Dick

05/07/2004 - 15 Covers

The SF Bestiary (Nelson 1971) The Preserving Machine

Alpha 3 (1972) Beyond Lies the Wub

The Ruins of Earth (Hutchinson 1973) Autofac

Alfred Hitchock Presents : The Master's Choice (Random House 1979) The Cookie Ladie

Reel Terror (1992) Total Recall

Visions of Fear (Tor 1994) Faith of Our Fathers

Imaginary Numbers (Wiley 1999) The Golden Man

New Skies (Tor Books 2003) The Alien Mind

Startling Stories #17 (British Edition 1954) A present for Pat

Amazing (1967) The Builder

Five Great Novels (Gollancz 2004) DODES, Martian Time-Slip, Ubik, The Three Stigmata, A Scanner Darkly

What if Our World (Overlook Press 2001)

Asimov's All Time Favorite SF Stories II Audio Book Impostor

Minority Report Audio Book (2004)

Paycheck DVD (2004)

05/01/2004 - 31 Covers of French Pulp Magazines - 1 Magazine - 4 books

For details on the magazine covers go to page 4 of the french covers section of this website

These rare covers are courtesy of Jean-Paul, webmaster of le Dick Illustre a website dedicated to the illustrations of Philip K Dick's short stories in Pulp Mag's.

Nick et le Glimmung (Folio Junior, 1989)

Nouvelles frontières 1 (Opta 1975) Les Préhumains (The Pre-persons)

L'Année de la SF et du Fantastique 77-78 (Julliard 1978) Discours de Metz (Metz speach)

L'Année de la SF et du Fantastique 78-79 (Julliard 1979) La Planète Impossible (Impossible planet)

04/24/2004 - 20 French Covers - Mostly first editions

Au Bout du Labyrinthe -A Maze of Death (Laffont, 1972)

Ubik (Laffont, 1970)

L'Oeil Dans Le Ciel -Eye In The Sky (Laffont, 1976)

Les Clans de la Lune Alphane - Clans Of The Alphane Moon (Albin Michel 1973)

Robot Blues Do Androids Dream... (Lattès/Champ Libre 1976)

Le Bal Des Schizos We Can Build You (Lattès/Champ Libre 1975)

Manque de Pot - Galactic Pot Healer (Lattès/Champ Libre 1977)

Simulacres - Simulacrum (Calman Levy 1973)

Le Temps Désarticulé - Time Out Of Joint (Calman Levy 1975)

Radio Libre Albemuth -Radio Free Albemuth (Denoël 1987)

Le Voyage Gelé - Frozen Journey (Gallimard/Folio 2004)

Minority Report (Gallimard /Folio 2002)

A Rebrousse Temps -Counter-Clock Time (J'ai Lu, 2004 )

Je suis Vivant Vous Etes Tous Morts (Seuil 1993)

Regards Sur PKD (Encrage 12/1992 )

Science Fiction Special Philip K Dick (Denoël 1986)

Les Mondes Divergents - Eye in the Sky (Cahiers de la SF Supplément au No 16 de Sattelite, 1959)

Galaxie No32, 33 &34 (1986-1987) A Nous Les Martiens -All We Marsmen

03/28/2004 - 4 Covers

Time To Come (Farrar 1954, First Edition) Jon'sWorld

Death Rattle (1972) Fanzine - Contains an (irreverential) graphic story where one of the character is likely to be PKD.

Dr BloodMoney/Le Maitre du Haut Chateau (OPTA 1970, Club du Livre d'Anticipation)

Paycheck (Gallimard/Folio 2004) in french

03/13/2004 - 15 Covers

A Scanner Darkly (Voyager 1996)

The Man In The High Castle (Gollancz 2001)

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (Oxford University Press 2000)

Lies Inc (Vintage 2004)

The Eye of The Sybil (Citadel Press 2002)

Minority Report (Citadel Press 2002)

We Can Remember it for You (Citadel Press 2002)

Beyond Control (Nelson 1972) Autofac

Space Oddyseys (Berkley, 1978) Impossible Planet

Amazing:60 years (1985) The Day of Perky Pat

SF Showcase (Curtis Books 1967) Expendable

Paycheck Audio (Harper Audio 2004)

Minority Report Audio (4 tapes)

SF Studies (1975)

Total Recall (DVD)

The Making of Blade Runner (DVD)

New Website:

The most narrowly focused PK Dick Website :

01/17/2004 - 10 french Covers

French Covers

Loterie Solaire/Solar Lottery (2 J'ai Lu editions)

Dr Bloodmoney (J'ai lu 2003)

Le Dieu Venu du Centaure/Three Stigmata (Opta 1969; J'ai Lu 2001)

Au Bout Du Labyrinthe/A Maze of Death (10/18 2001)

A rebrousse Temps + En Attendant l'année dernière/Counterclock World + Now, Let's Wait For Last Year (Opta 1968) double feature

Deus Irae

L'Oeil de la Sybile/ The Eye of the Sybil (10/18 2002)

Souvenir (10/18 2003)

Le Père Truqué/The Father Thing (10/18 1999)

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