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During his life time Philip K. Dick was often more appreciated in foreign countries than at home. His work was translated in several european languages as early as the 50's. Short stories were published in pulp magazines in France starting in 1954. The first German translations of his novels appeared in 1958 (SOLAR LOTTERY and THE WORLD JONES MADE). In 1959, EYE IN THE SKY was published in Italy and in France in a magazine format (URANIA and Satellite respectively). Books from 33 countries are represented here, but with several hundred editions each, France, Italy, and Germany's represent the bulk of PKD foreign editions.

As of March 2014, the top three novels in number of editions are:

  1. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep/Blade runner: 79 editions
  2. Ubik: 69 editions
  3. The Man in the High Castle: 61 editions

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