Scenery from "Confessions of a Crap Artist"

This page features pictures of the places mentioned in the main-stream novel "Confessions of a Crap Artist". The novel is set in Marin County, California, north of San Francisco around the town of Point Reyes Station. Most of the places mentioned in the novel exist except for "Drake's Landing" the place where Fay lives. It seems that Philip K. Dick has made this one up. Some of the names are slightly changed as for example Cheda's garage (Cheeda) and the Old Western Saloon (Western Bar). Since Point Reyes Station and its surroundings are protected against urban development most of it looks probably the same as it was in the early 60's when Philip K. Dick lived there. Page numbers refer to the Vintage 1992 edition.

Chapter 4, page 43 (bottom of page) "At a slow rate we drove through Ross and San Anselmo, fighting the commute traffic.
And then, past Fairfax, we left the stores and appartments...

"page 44: "The San Geronino Valley made the three of us pleased..."

"...the campers on their way
to Samuel Taylor Park.

"Now we passed through Lagunitas
with its one general store

"After we have reached the hills overlooking Olema..."

Chapter 3, page 23, third paragraph.
"He entered Point Reyes Station by crossing the bridge over Paper Mill Creek. Then the marsh lands to his left..."

"...the road swung to the left past Cheeda's Garage and Harold's Market. The old abandonned hotel"

Page 25, second paragraph: "Then he caught sight of the Western Bar... —Chapter 5, page 50: "The next day, while he was in the post office buying stamps" — Page 55: "...just past Mayfair Market..."

The town of Inverness on the shore of Tomales Bay, with its stranded boat....

The tiny town of Inverness Park ....

Chapter 18, page 208/209: "RCA station out on the lighthouse road".

Chapter 18, page 208/209: "RCA station out on the lighthouse road".

Philip K. Dick's house at the North end of Point Reyes Station.