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Paycheck (2003)



Directed by John Woo with:

  • Ben Affleck (Michael Jennings)
  • Uma Thurman (Rachel)
  • Aaron Eckhart (Rethrick)
  • Michael C. Hall (Agent)
  • Emily Holmes (Betsy)

Based on the short story "Paycheck".

From the back cover of the DVD box

From director John Woo (M:I-2 and Face/Off) comes this futuristic thriller that combines spectacular action sequences with spellbinding mystery that will keep you guessing from beginning to breathtaking end.

Michael Jenning (Ben Affleck) is a brilliant computer engineer hired for top-secret projects. After each job. Jennings' short term memory is erased so he cannot recount any project information. Emerging from his latest assignment, a three year contract with an eight-figure paycheck given to him by his longtime friend (Aaron Eckart), Jennings is jolted when he is told that during the end of his assignment, he agreed to forfeit all payment.

Jenning has no recourse until he receives a mysterious envelope containing clues to his forgotten past. With the help of a beautiful scientist (Uma Thurman) he once loved but now cannot remember Jennings races to solve the puzzle of his past...while a terrifying discovery waits in his future.

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