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"The Day the Gods Stopped Laughing" PKD assay that was published in 1968 in the fanzine OOMPAH. Download PDF here

About the Pros. Featuring Philip K. Dick. PKD essay published in the "Galactic Outpost" Vol. 1, #3, Summer 1964.Download PDF here

The books presented on this page are published by Wide Books, an independant publishing enterprise that produces books about Philip K. Dick. Wide Books was founded in 2012 by Henri Wintz and David Hyde, two long-time PKD fans.


Precious ARtifacts a Philip K. Dick Bibliography

By David Hyde and Henri Wintz (Wide Books 2014, 222 pages)
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Precious ARtifacts a Philip K. Dick Bibliography

By David Hyde and Henri Wintz (Wide Books 2014, 222 pages)
List Price: $40.00 6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Full Color on White paper
ISBN-10: 1502725681
BISAC: Reference / Bibliographies & Indexes

In this second volume of Precious Artifacts, David Hyde and Henri Wintz take us on another journey back in time looking at Philip K. Dick’s short story publication history. This fully illustrated bibliography covers 125 short stories written by Philip K. Dick between 1952 and 1981. It is full of details on the stories themselves, the editors who published them, the magazines, anthologies and collections they appeared in, as well as the artists who illustrated them. The bibliography covers not only editions of the books and pulp magazines from the United States and the United Kingdom, but also rare publications from Australia and New Zealand.

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Precious Artifacts Philip K. Dick

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While we are working on the next volume of PRECIOUS ARTIFACTS we are offering for download a quick guide to the editors of Philip K. Dick stories. The information in this quick guide, which is intended as a quick reference while the
PKD collector is out in the field, will be fully developed in the upcoming book.

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An Index to the selected letters of Philip K. Dick

A new Philip K. DIck book by David Hyde is available from Amazon, both as a trade paperback edition and a Kindle edition. This is the second book published by Wide Books, a publisher dedicated to the work of Philip K. Dick.

In 1974 PKD announces his visionary experiences of 1974 to the world, opening up a puzzle and a quest for philosophers and seekers of all stripes to find the truth in the voluminous speculation that followed from this letter. From pink beams and strange dreams to orthogonal time and tutelary entities from the stars, it all begins in THE SELECTED LETTERS OF PHILIP K. DICK: 1974 This INDEX TO SL 74 is intended as an aid to the students of Philip K. Dick’s life and the scholars whose task it is to sort it all out. With the recently published EXEGESIS OF PHILIP K. DICK (2011), THE SELECTED LETTERS OF PHILIP K. DICK: 1974 (1991) and this INDEX TO THE SELECTED LETTERS 1974 (2013) scholars can now more closely study this critical year in the life of the 21st Century’s most acclaimed writer

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precious artifacts


30 years after the publication of PKD , Daniel Levack's bibliography

A must have for any PKD fan and scholar

Precious Artifacts

A Philip K. Dick Bibliography
United States of America and United Kingdom Editions

Compiled by
Henri Wintz and David Hyde

In trade paperback and limited hardcover edition.

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Interactive DIgital Edition for the iPad

Precious Artifacts Philip K. Dick digital edition

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Precious Artifacts - A Philip K. Dick Bibliography. US and UK Editions 1955-2012 - Henri Wintz & David Hyde

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Book Reviews

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"I have the book, and I must admit I love it!!!! As a die-hard PKD collector, this will be a nice tool for research and find new editions!"

"Just got my copy - there's a lot more really interesting information in here than I was imagining. Fantastic - good job, and thanks! "

"Pretty neat stuff. I've wanted something like this for just the English language editions ever since Levack"

"I love it and have devoured it daily since receiving it!"

Interview with Henri and Dave

Read interview on the PhilipKDickfans website.

Book Details

Title : PRECIOUS ARTIFACTS: A Philip K. Dick Bibliography.
Volume 1. United States of America and United Kingdom Editions, 1955–2012

Authors: Henri Wintz and Dave Hyde

Publisher: Wide Bookswide books logo

Format: Trade paperback (6" x 9")(15.24 x 22.86 cm) and
Limited Hardcover with dustjacket of the same dimensions

Pages: 142, see anatomy of a bibliography page

Content: close to 600 editions referenced, 625 color illustrations

ISBN-13 trade edition: 978-1-4781019-4-9

ISBN-13 hc edition:9 78-0-9848107-9-6

Cover Price: Trade paperback $28.95. Hardcover (limited printing of 100) $55

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to the Philip K. Dick Bibliography
  2. If You Find This World Bad, You Should Read a Book by Philip K. Dick
  3. Collector's Notes
  4. Collecting Signed Editions of Philip K. Dick Books
  5. The Cover Art of Philip K. Dick
  6. Philip K. Dick Biography
  7. Bibliography (110 pages)
  • Science Fiction Novels
  • Mainstream Novels
  • Collections
  • Non Fiction Writings
  1. A Quick Guide to the Collectible Editions of Philip K. Dick
  2. Glossary of Bibliographic Terms Used in the Bibliography
  3. Chronology of the Novels of Philip K. Dick
  4. Bibliographic References
  5. Notes