From the back cover of the 1965 Ace edition

"Below him the world was in darkness, its night side turned his way; yet already he could see the rim of day appearing on the edge, and soon he would be passing into that once more. lights here and there glowed like holes poked in the surface of the planet which he had left seven years agoleft for another purpose, another goal entirely. A much more noble one. "His was not the sale satellite still circling Earth, but it was the sale one with life aboard. Everyone else had since perished.... He was lucky: besides food and water and air he had a million miles of video and audio tape to keep him amused. And now, with it, he kept them amused." Dangerfield's satellite provided the last link binding humanity together. It was 'seven years after the day of disaster, the day one world died and another world began... Dr. Bloodmoney's day.

From the back cover of the 1976 Ace edition

What happens when the Bomb that everyone has been talking about since 1945 drops? What happens to the people and the animals of Earth? Will it mean the end of the world? Or, will everything continue in a different way?

Philip K Dick Knows
You will never forget the images, and characters that flow from his inspired pen...

From the back cover of the 1980 Dell edition

A trivial miscalculation-except that it started a chain reaction that left the world in ruins. , Seven years after the day of the bombs, Point Reyes was luckier than most places. Its people were reasonably normal-except for the girl with the twin brother growing inside her...and talking to her. Their borter economy was working. They had a resident genius who could fix almost anything that broke down. But they didn't know they were harboring the one man almost everyone left alive wanted killed... the man who had already laid most of the world to waste-and wouldn't be happy until he'd destroyed or enslaved the rest

From the back cover of the 1985 Bluejay edition

Nuclear war caught everyone by surprise in Marin County, California. Suddenly the safe, familiar world was replaced by one in which horses drew cars, eyeglasses were hard to come by, and people's pre-war. positions were mostly irrelevant to their new status: So Hoppy Harrington, who has no arms or legs, becomes very powerful because he knows how to fix machines that nobody else can keep running. And Walt Dangerfield, whose space mission ended in neverending orbit just before the war has, through his broadcasts from his satellite, become the only link between isolated communities across the globe. And only Bonny Keller knows that Dr. Bluthgeld, the man responsible for the destruction, lives quietly among them. One .of Dick's most carefully crafted and humanistic novels, Dr. Bloodmoney, with a large and fascinating cast, is a dramatic and emotionally rewarding fable in which the meek inherit the earth, and evil is defeated by Innocence. This edition features Philip K. Dick's Afterword, and a new Afterword by James Frenkel.

From the back cover of the Carroll and Graf edition

Thermonuclear war was just ravaged the planet leaving only pocketsjof civilisati&n. Walt Dangerfield, an astronaut, remains in space to broadcast music and culture and organize what is left of this peace-loving post-bomb society peopled by biological freaks. But Bruno Bluthgeld alias Dr. Bloodmoney, a bungling scientist and unrepentant megalomaniac obsessed with international communist conspiracies, comes back to threaten the new status quo. And then young Hoppy, an armless and legless victim, also makes a stand for world domination by using his special gifts of telekinetic know-how.

Selected by David Pringle as one of the 100 Best Science Fiction Novels.

"Excellent... Dick is a cult figure in the world of science fiction:'-Washington Post Book World

"The book bubbles with original ideas, often funny and profound at once... Literally cosmic" -Playboy

From the back cover of the Vintage edition

Dr. Bloodmoney is a post-nuclear-holocaust masterpiece filled with a host of Dick’s most memorable characters: Hoppy Harrington, a deformed mutant with telekinetic powers; Walt Dangerfield, a selfless disc jockey stranded in a satellite circling the globe; Dr. Bluthgeld, the megalomaniac physicist largely responsible for the decimated state of the world; and Stuart McConchie and Bonnie Keller, two unremarkable people bent the survival of goodness in a world devastated by evil. Epic and alluring, this brilliant novel is a mesmerizing depiction of Dick’s undying hope in humanity.

From the back cover of the Arrow edition 1987

A peaceful summer's --- morning - until a mad physicist triggers off the Bomb... In the nuclear aftermath strange mutants evolve in defragmented world. Only Dangerfield, the lost astronaut, endlessly orbiting the earth with a million miles of tape, can see and hear the consequences. . . And then one of the mutants decides to destroy the last link with the Old World...

From the back cover of the Gollancz edition

Seven years after the day of the bombs, Point Reyes was luckier than most places. Its people were reasonably normal - except for the girl with her twin brother growing inside her, and talking to her. Their barter economy was working. Their resident genius could fix almost anything that broke down. But they didn't know they were harbouring the one man who almost everyone left alive wanted killed.