British Editions

From the back cover of the 1977 Coronet edition

From Tomb to Womb

Time runs backward in the Couter-Clok world. Old people merge from their graves, grow to middle age, youth, adolescence and childhood to be finally unborn in thier mother's wombs. Themost powerful - and most feared- organization in the world is the Library, in charge of expunging the written records of events which have no llonger happened. When a powerful black leader is reborn, the libary's one concern is to eliminate him before the renewal of racil violence tears the country appart.

But in this counter-clock year of 1998 it isn't that simple

From the back cover of the 1990 Grafton edition

The dead grow young, in a world where time has reversed its flow-


Now that Hobart Phase is in effect, Officer Joseph Tinbane isn't surprised when he hears a voice speaking to him from beneath the ground. He isn't going mad. Not at all. It is just one of the 'old-born' wanting to be dug up.

For time is moving backwards, people grow younger instead of older, to return finally to the womb....

Philip K. Dick has written a remarkable and compelling novel about time- a time which heals but can also destroy. And one man struggling alone in a world gone mad.