British Editions

From The Backcover of the 1987 Penguin edition

If Germany bad defeated Russia... If Japan had beaten the. U.S.A.
Philip K. Dick Is tripping the switches of our minds again with his vision of the world as It might have been: F.D. Roosevelt assasinated, a Shinto Califomla, Nazis In New York ... One of the characters living in this alternate world eventually learns, from no less a source than the l-chlng that the real world is one In which the Allies were not defeated...

This Hugo Award-wlnnlng novel Is one of Dick's most Painstaklngly constructed, and in its bizarre mirror of the world we know, an inner truth Is reflected back to us with chilling conviction.
'Philip K.Dlck Is the most brilliant sci-fi mind on any planet' - Rolling Stone

From The Backcover of the 2001 Penguin edition

Imagine the world if the Allies had lost the Second World War...Philip K Dick trips the switches of our minds with his vision of the world as it might have been: the African continent virtually wiped out, the Mediterranean drained to make farmland, the United States divided between the Japanese and the Nazis...In the neutral zone that divides the rival superpowers in America lives the author of an underground best-seller. His book - a rallying cry for all those who dream of overthrowing the occupiers - offers an alternative theory of world history. Does 'reality' lie with him, or is his world just one among many others?

From the jacket of the Gollancz 2001 edition

The second World War has been over for seventeen years and people have now had time to adjust to thenew order. But it hasn;t been easy. The mediteranean has been drained to produce more farmland, the population of Africa has been almost wiped out, and America has been divided between the Nazis and the Japanses in the West. IN the neutral buffer zone that divides the two superpowers lives the an in the High Castle, the author of an underground bestseller, a work of fiction that offers an alternative theory of world history in which the Axis powers didn't win the war. The novel offers hope to the oppressed and is a rallying cry for those who dream of overthrowing the occupiers. Could it be a glimpse at the truth?

The Man in teh High Castle won the Hugo Award when it was first published, th eolny Philip K. Dick work so homoured and it remains teh finest alternative world novel ever written. Subtle, sombre, complex ad beautifully characterized, it is a profound and significant book that explores the nature of reality and authenticity, and tackles the issue of evil head on. Elegantly and wittily written, always surprising, The Man in the High Castle is an unforgettable masterpiece.