British Editions

From the back cover of the Gollancz Edition

Since 1992, it has been illegal to own any sort of animal on Earth. And so, when the anti-pet man discovers that Nick and his family are keeping a cat called Horace, they must choose: either they can emigrate (to another planet), or they must allow Horace to be taken away. Bravely, they set off for a new life on the wild Plowman's planet.
However, once there, Nick is drawn Nick is drawn in to an age-old conflict, waged by the plates quirky creatures (wubs, werjes, spiddles, printers, nunks, father-things and trobes) as they battle for or against the mysterious and unseen Glimmung. What is the secret of the Glimmung's Book, which inadvertently falls into Nick's hands the day he arrives? And what is to be the fate of Horace, kidnapped by two trobes?

Published for the first time, Nick and the Glimmung was written by the late Philip K Dick in 1966, at the height of his career. The knockabout humour of this sf comedy is a treat, both for the author's many fans who will recognise some of the engaging cast of alien characters. Paul Demeyer's animated drawings perfectly match the lively, witty text.

Philip K. Dick was born in 1928 and spent most of his life in California, where he managed a record store before turning to writing in the early 1950s. Widely regarded as one of the most respected sf writer of his time, he published over 40 books for adults, before he died in 1982.
Nick and the Glimmung, his only children's novel, is published for the first time.

From the back cover of the Piper Edition

How would you feel if someone tried to confidcate YOUR cat?

For nick it's almost the end of the world. But the Anti-pet men won't win this time. Not when his dad's got a brilliant idea: another planet.

But Plowman's planet is in theniddle of a war. Strange creatures like trobes, Werjes, Spiddles and Printers battle with an unseen, evil presence. It's called glimmung. It's got sinister powers. And it's out to get nick....