American Editions

From the back cover of the 1983 Timescape edition

THE BISHOP OF CALIFORNIA HAS ENTEREO THE DEAD SEA IN A DATSUN. . . From the stultifying San Francisco street scene through the corridors of human thought, Bishop Timothy Archer, alcoholic lawyer turned powerful religious head, leads his son Jeffrey, his daughter-in law Angel, his pill-popping mistress and a cast of pained and passed-by 60s' survivors on a madcap search for the ultimate Truth. In Philip K. Dick's most ambitious novel,Bishop Archer theorizes, mesmerizes, fornicates, fantasizes and persists his way into a mystical abyss where only the doomed can dwell. .

From the back cover of the 1991 Vintage edition

The Transmigration of Timothy Archer, the final novel in the trilogy that also includes VALIS and The Divine Invasion, is an anguished, learned, and very moving investigation of the paradoxes of belief. It is the story of Timothy Archer, an urbane Episcopal bishop haunted by the suicides of his son and mistress-and driven by them into a bizarre quest for the identity of Christ.