American Editions

From the inside cover of the Ace edition

Nobody would go to the stars the long way when you could travel to your new planetary Utopia the instantteleportation way. That is, nobody reasonable would want to spend eighteen long years in a spaceship jnst to be stubborn about electronic transit. Which is what made Rachmael ben Applebaum such a thorn in the side to the giant industrial combines that had made the Telpor what it was. Because Rachmael was all set to head for Newcolonizedland by his own starship-alone. But just being eccentric and a doubter would hardly justify the incredible concentration of effort to prevent his trip. THE UNTELEPORTED MAN suspected he was on the track of a secret too dangerous to get outeven after an eighteen year journey. Yet even he did not guess him terrifyingly right he was!

From the back cover of the Berkley edition

In seconds. the Telpor effect could teleport you from overcrowded Earth, 18 light years to the wide open spaces of Newcolonizedland, 40 million emigrants had found il the final solution to Earth's problems of pollution and overcrowding.
Maybe they were right. Rachmael Ben Applebaum wasn't sure. Because there was a problem with the gateway to paradise.
No one had ever returned.

From the back cover of the Vintage edition (Lies, Inc)

A masterwork by Philip K. Dick, this is the final, expanded version of the novellla The Unteleported Man , which Dick worked on shortly before his death. In Lies, Inc. , fans of the science fiction legend will immediately recognize his hallmark themes of life in a security state, conspiracy, and the blurring of reality and illusion. This publication marks its first complete appearance in the United States.

In this wry, paranoid vision of the future, overpopulation has turned cities into cramed industrial anthills. For those sick of this dystopian reality, one corporation, Trails of Hoffman, Inc., promises an alternative: Take a teleport to Whale's Mouth, a colonized planet billed as the supreme paradise. The only catch is that you can never comeback. When a neurotic man named Rachmael ben Applebaum discovers that the promotional films of happy crowds cheering their newfound existence on Whale's Mouth are faked, he decides to pilot a scapeship on the eighteen-year journey there to see if anyone wants to return.

Back Covers of the 1966 and 1972 Ace Double editions