British Editions

From the back cover of the 1967 Panther edition

Strange New World.
Earth had never before known a dictator like Jones. His body was unremarkable, but with his mind he could see a year into the future. With total accuracy he could predict exactly what was going to happen to himself and to civilization. In a world ravaged by atomic war and denied the false comfort of absolute belief by its Relativist rulers, Jones offered a credulous people the precious gift of total certainty. He swept to power, bloodily and triumphantly. But Jones had a blind spot-the huge, mysterious, bloblike 'drifters' that came floating down from outer space. Through the unconscious agency of these beings, security agent Cussick saw his one chance to rid Jones's world of its tyrannical maker. . .

From the back cover of the 1994 Harper Collins edition

The precognitive talent of Floyd Jones - he can see a year into the future - demolishes Fedgov and the state policy of Relativism. This is post-World War III, rubble and radiation all over, and labour camps full of people convicted of crimes against revolution. By the author of "Martian Time-Slip".

From the back cover of the 2003 Gollancz edition

Floyd Jones is sullen, ungainly and quite possibly mad, but he really can see exactly one year into the future. And this talent means that in a very short time he rises from being a disgruntled carnival fortune-teller to convulse an entire planet. For Jones becomes a demagogue, whipping up the ideal-starved population into a frenzy against the threat of the 'drifters' , enormous single-cell protoplasms that may be landing on Earth soon. But, in a world of engineered mutants, hermaphrodite sex performers in drug-fuelled nightclubs, Jones is a tragic messiah. His limited precognition renders him helpless because he cannot bring himself to fight against what he knows will happen ...