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The Cosmic Puppets (1957)

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The Cosmic Puppets was published in 1957 in an Ace Double edition back to back with The Sargasso of Space of Andrew North. This underrated novel of Philip K. Dick, which is more fantasy than SF, was kept out of the publishing loop for more than 25 years between its original publication in 1957 and the first re-publication in 1983. Cosmic puppets, written in 1953, was first published as a novella A Glass of Darkness in the 12/1956 issue of Satellite before it was expanded into a novel and published as a book.

: Foreign editions of Philip K. Dick books.

American Editions

  • Ace 1957, D-1249, 127 pages, 35c, back to back with Saragasso of Space by Andrew North
  • Berkley 1983, 186 pages, $2.50
  • Vintage 2003, 160 pages, $11.00, trade paperback
  • Mariner 2012, 204 pages, $13.95, trade paperback

British Editions

  • Granada 1985, 143 pages, £1.95, paperback
  • Severn House 1986, 143 pages, $8.50, hard cover
  • Grafton 1987, 143 pages, £2.50, paperback
  • Voyager 1998, 143 pages, £7.99, trade paperback
  • Gollancz 2006, 144 pages, £6.99, paperback

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