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Starlog, #165 0

Philip K. Dick : The Novel He Never Lived To Write

Foundation, #4‚ 1973

Article: The Novelist of The Eighties Has Been Dead Eight Years

The London Daily Telegraph Magazine, July 1974

EVEN SHEEP CAN UPSET SCIENTIFIC DETACHMENT by Philip Purser London Daily Telegraph, no. 506, July 19, 1974, pp. 27-30.

Science Fiction Review, #2 1975

Reviews of Flow my Tears The Policeman Said and Eye in the Sky.

Fictum Miraculum, I 1975

Reviews: Flow my Tears and The Man In The High Castle

Science Fiction Studies, #5‚ 1975

Special issue: The Science Fiction of P. K. Dick

Foundation, #10‚ 1976

Article by Angus Taylor: the Politics of Space Time and Entropy

Science Fiction Review, #17‚ 1976

Article by Terrence Green: Philip K. Dick a parallax view

Foundation, #18‚ 1976

Article by Anthony Wolk

Foundation, #17‚ 1979


Extrapolation, Vol 20&sbq 1979

Essay by Mary K. Brays: Mandalic activism: An approach to structure‚ theme and tone in 4 novels of Philip K Dick

Extrapolation, Vol 21&sbq 1980

"Essay by Mary K. Brays: Mandalic activism: An approach to structure‚ theme a

Science Fiction Review, #36 1980

Article by Charles Pratt: Reality in Drag: A profile of Philip K. Dick

Science Fiction Review, #36 1980

Essay by Robert Galbreath: Redemption and Doubt in Philip K. Dick’s Valis Trology

Horizon, 1982

Article by C. Platt: Do Androids Dream of Philip K. Dick

The Face, 1982


Paperback Quarterly, 1982

Article by Z. Bloc

The Cosmic Journal, 1982


Locus, #256&sbquo 1982

Philip K. Dick Appreciation

Bulletin of the Science Fiction Writers Associatio, 1982

Philip K. Dick Obituary

Foundation, #26‚ 1982

Special P. K. Dick section

Extrapolation, vol 25&sbq 1982

Essay by Patricia Warrick: The labyrinthian process of the artificial: Dick’s androids and mechanical constructs

Heavy Metal, June 1982

Obituary: Philip K. Dick 1928-1982

Science Fiction Studies, Vol 9&sbqu 1982

In Memory of Philip K. Dick by Patricia Warrick