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PKD Related Articles in Magazines and Fanzines

"Science Fiction Commentary 40th Anniversary Edition, Part 1", August 2000

"Too many articles about Philip K. Dick to list here. Click here for more information."

Fortean Times, Aug. 2002

Article on Minority Report

Book Forum, Summer 2002

"Article: You

LA Times, June 2004

Wanted Dead or Alive an article on Emmanuel Carrère's PKD biography by Francie Lin

Journal of Advancing Technology, Fall 2005

Interview with Richard Lupoff

Wired, March 2006

Several articles

Wired, Apr. 2006

Losing One’s Head by Tom Nichols. The story behind the loss of the PKD robot.

Wired, June 2007

"P.K. Dick Goes Legit: A brief Interview with Jonathan Lethem

the New Yorker, Aug. 2007

Blows Against The Empire. The return of Philip K. Dick by Adam Gopnik