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A Handful of Darkness (1955)

The first short story collection, A Handful of Darkness, was published in England by Rich and Cowan in 1955. The stories were chosen by Philip K. Dick himself as he explained in an interview with R. A. Lupoff "Well, I made the selection, by and large. Every story that they looked at was one that I had submitted to them, rather than one they found on their own. They continually kept rejecting stories and I kept sending more. So it took three or four separate batches of stories before they agreed on the contents.".

American Editions

British Editions

Rich and Cowan, 1955 Rich and Cowan, 1957 Panther, 1966 Gregg Press, 1978 Panther, 1980
Grafton, 1988

Rich & Cowan Editions

The 1955 Rich & Cowan editionexists in two bindings: (A) blue boards lettered in silver with rocket on spine (right panel), (B) orange or blue boards lettered in black with griffin on panel. A later dust jacket listing WORLD OF CHANCE (left panel) has been observed on both bindings.



A Handful of Darkness

  • Colony
  • Impostor
  • Expendable
  • Planet For Transients
  • Prominent Author
  • The Builder
  • Little Movement (not in Panther and Grafton editions)
  • The Preserving Machine (not in Panther and Grafton editions)
  • Impossible Planet
  • The Indefatigable Frog
  • The Turning Wheel
  • Progeny
  • Upon The Dull Earth
  • The Cookie Lady
  • Exhibit Piece