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The Minority Report

The Citadel edition of The Minority Report is a movie tie-in reedition of volume 4 of The Collected Stories (The Days of Perky Pat/The Minority Report)

American Editions

British Editions

Cover Gallery

Citadel, 2000 Citadel, 2002 Citadel, 2002
Gollancz, 2002 Gollancz, 2002 Orion, 2005


The Minority Report (Citadel)

  • Autofac
  • Service Call
  • Captive Market
  • The Mold of Yancy
  • The Minority Report
  • Recall Mechanism
  • The Unreconstructed M
  • Explorers We
  • War Game
  • If There Were No Benny Cemoli
  • Novelty Act
  • Waterspider
  • What the Dead Men Say
  • Orpheus with Clay Feet
  • The Days of Perky Pat
  • Stand-By
  • What’ll We Do with Ragland Park?
  • Oh, to Be a Blobel!

Minority Report (Gollancz)

  • The Minority Report
  • Imposter
  • Second Variety
  • War Game
  • What the Dead Men Say
  • Oh, to Be a Blobel!
  • The Electric Ant
  • Faith of Our Fathers
  • We Can Remember it For You